Payroll Time/Leave Entry Process for Timekeepers

1. Entry

Navigate to: Home > Time and Labor > Report Time > Rapid Time

(Code all paperwork with your employee ID number and all appropriate leave taken, earning and account codes prior to entry.)
Click the Add a New Session tab.

  • Description: Add your department ID number, as well as your name, term adjuncts, your full- or part-time status, etc.
  • Template Type: Elapsed (system default)
  • Rapid Time Template: ELAP_TMP1 (system default)
  • Add/Replace: Add (system default)

Begin entering data.

Rapid Detail Information:

  • Employee ID number
  • Employee RCD number (always click on the magnifying glass)
    Using the default of 0 may cause the employee to be paid incorrectly.
  • Date
  • Time Reporting Codes:(TRC): REG, TPT, STU, FWS
    • Adjuncts (TPT) and Regular Part-Time Instructional (REG): Enter hours on the last working day of the month.
    • Non-Instructional (TPT/REG): Enter weekly hours on the last working day of the month. Ensure that hours are entered after the hire date and prior to the separation date.
    • Students/Federal Work Study (STU, FWS): Enter weekly hours on the last date of actual work.
    • Full-time Enter the leave taken on the actual date of the leave. If a partial day is used for leave, remember to enter the REG hours for the balance of the day to equal the total hours for the day.

2. Save

It is recommended to Save after each entry.
Record your session number.

3. Print

Print the session when finished. Verify your entries on the printed version and correct any errors. It is much easier to correct errors before you submit the session.

4. Submit

Submit the session after you have verified the entries and only during the Scheduled Submit day designated on the Time and Labor Monthly Planner.

Do not submit a session more than once in a reporting period, as it will create duplicate entries.

Scroll to the top of the page and click the Process Monitor link.

Click the Refresh button until it is finished processing to Success!

Note: Time Administration (TA) process is run nightly. TA takes the time you have submitted, verifies it against the rules built into the system and prepares it for the approval process. It is important to submit your sessions on the scheduled day. Your session can always be entered early and saved.
The TA process is run in the evening on regularly scheduled submit days. Depending on the time you submit your session, you may need to wait until the TA process is run to check for exceptions (errors). This TA process applies the rules in the system that create exceptions.

5. Exceptions (Errors)

Navigate to Home > Time and Labor > View Exceptions and Attendance > Exceptions.

Group ID: Enter your department ID number.
Click Get Employees.

The Manage Group Exceptions page appears with the list of exceptions. You will only need to correct the Severity of Exception equal to high status. If the page is blank, you have no errors.

6. Correcting Exceptions Prior to Approval

Navigate to Home > Time and Labor > View Exception and Attendance > Exceptions.
Click Filter Options and enter the entry date.

  • Severity: Click the down arrow and select high to filter only those with high exceptions.

Click OK to retrieve.

7. Clean Up Exceptions

Navigate to Home > Time and Labor > View Exception and Attendance > Exceptions
Click Clean up Exceptions.

Note: If the exception does not disappear, go to the timesheet page and correct your error(s). The timesheet page is used for correcting hours or time reporting codes.

Navigate to Manager Self Service > Report Time > Timesheet

Once this has been corrected, call Payroll Services to run Time Admin. After Time Admin has been run, go back to Step 7, Clean up Exceptions.

Note: If the exception does not disappear, call Payroll Services.

Helpful Hints

  • The College workweek for non-bargaining unit employees shall begin at 12:00 a.m. Sunday and run for seven (7) consecutive days through 11:59 p.m. Saturday. Five (5) days per week will constitute the normal workweek, comprised of 37.5 hours. A workday consists of 7.5 hours.
  • Enter hours worked for part-time employees. Part-time, non-bargaining employees, including adjunct professors, shall work a maximum of 29 hours per workweek.
  • The Federal Work Study workweek shall be a maximum of 20 hours.
  • If a full-time employee takes leave for a partial day, enter the REG worked hours for the balance of the day.
  • You can submit leave hours taken 30 days in the previous leave period if they were not previously submitted on the last pay period. Hours from the prior period must be approved to get posted to the employee's leave balances. If you need to have leave taken posted prior than the 30 days, submit the leave of absence forms to the Payroll Office for processing.
  • Retiring/Terminating Employees: Leave used after the leave period date to the end of the month must be submitted to Payroll Services for entry. Submit the leave of absence form to Payroll Services by the 20th of the month of termination.
  • Prior to an employee's termination, notify the Human Resources Department with that person's leave taken during the month of termination.
  • To verify time entered for an employee, navigate to:
    Home > Manager Self Service > View Time > Payable Time Summary
  • Input the employee or deptartment ID numbers and the date of time/leave. The status will be displayed.
  • To verify if time has been approved, navigate to:
    Home > Manager Self Service > View Time > Payable Time Detail
    Input the employee or deptartment ID numbers and the date of time/leave. The status will be displayed.

Things to Prepare for the Approving Manager

  • A list of their department ID numbers
  • A list of employees in each department
  • Leave of absence forms or part-time timesheets/reports to verify your entries
  • Associate deans must copy and send leave papers to the appropriate approver.

WARNING: Never Give out Your Security Code!

For more information, review the College's policy on the Acceptable Use of College Information Technology.

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