Employee Self-Service/Web Clock

Employee Self Service for Payroll and Compensation and Web Clock

All employees may use My.SeminoleState / Employee Tools / Payroll and Compensation to:

  • View Leave Balances (full-time employees)
  • View and print Paycheck statements - View Paycheck
  • Complete Direct Deposit Authorization Agreement. 
  • View Voluntary Deductions
  • Change Federal Tax Withholding W-4 Tax Information
  • View Compensatory Time hours (full-time non-exempt employees)
  • View Compensation History
  • Consent, view and print W-2 Wage and Tax Statement

Part-time employees using Web Clock can use My.SeminoleState -> Employee Tools -> Web Clock to:

  • Access the Web Clock to punch in and out
  • Run the Time Card Report to review hours worked
  • View their Time Sheet to review hours worked
  • Complete and print the Timekeeping Update form to adjust reported time

Supervisors can use My.SeminoleState / Employee Tools / Web Clock to:

  • Run the Payable Time Summary for Supervisors report to view employees hours.

Web Clock Training Videos

Additional Web Clock Information


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