Disbursement of Payroll Paychecks


Employees who receive paychecks, not direct deposit, will have their check mailed to their home address. If you have moved recently or your address is incorrect, please obtain a change of address form from the Human Resources Department (A101) at ext. 2101.

Direct Deposit

Direct deposit pay statements are available using employee self-service.  For assistance accessing your statements via self-service, review these instructions.

Manual Payroll Check Requests

If you do not receive your pay on a regularly scheduled payday, a Request for Manual Payroll Check Form can be completed by your department manager. To request a manual check, your department manager must complete the form, attach a copy of your timesheet/report and forward them to the payroll manager for approval.

If approved, Payroll Services will notify your department via telephone when and where you can retrieve your paycheck.

Returned Payroll Checks

Departments must notify Payroll Services immediately should any of the following occur:

  • Over/under payment of hours;
  • Incorrect rate of pay;
  • Leave without pay not processed on original pay; or
  • Incorrect payee.

If an employee received a check with any of the statuses mentioned above, submit the check to Payroll Services, along with a memorandum explaining the circumstances, within three business days from the check issue date. If the employee was paid via direct deposit, submit a memorandum explaining the circumstances within three business days from the check issue. If an employee needs to have another check issued, complete a Request for Manual Payroll Check Form.

Lost Paycheck

If you receive a paycheck each payday and you have not received it in the mail within seven business days following the payday, you can request the College to process a stop payment order via the Affidavit of Non-Receipt of Check form. The stop payment process will take 24 hours. Once the College has confirmation from our financial institution that this check has not been cashed, Payroll Services will issue a replacement paycheck.


Contact Payroll Services
Fax: 407.708.2141