Staff & Program Development (SPD) FAQs

General FAQs

Most Asked SPD-General Questions

Category:  SPD-General
How do I know if I am eligible to apply for SPD funds?
Category:  SPD-General
Who do I turn my SPD paperwork in to?
Category:  SPD-General
What can I use SPD for?
Category:  SPD-General
What forms do I fill out if I would like to apply for SPD?
Category:  SPD-General
Who is my SPD contact?
Category:  SPD-General
How do I know if the funds are approved?
Category:  SPD-General
What approvals do I need before submitting my request?
Category:  SPD-General
What are some examples of SPD requests?
Category:  SPD-General
My employment status recently changed from part-time to full-time, am I eligible to apply for the full $2,500 SPD benefit?
Category:  SPD-General
What determines how funds are approved?

Professional Study

Most Asked SPD-Professional Study Questions

When do I fill out a degree/non-degree seeking Professional Study Form?
What supporting documents should I include when I submit my degree/non-degree seeking form?
What tuition payments are eligible for reimbursement?
When do I register for my degree/non-degree seeking courses and/or continuing education credits?
What counts as proof of completion for my non-degree/degree seeking professional study?
Can I submit my degree or non-degree seeking tuition reimbursement request after courses begin?
Where can I locate the SPD degree/non-degree seeking form?
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Travel/Virtual Training

Most Asked SPD-Travel/Virtual Training Questions

When do I fill out a Travel/Virtual Training Authorization Form?
Do I have to request SPD funds for all travel and virtual training?
When do I create a requisition for a purchase order?
When can I start making reservations for my travel or virtual training plans?
I am attending an online seminar, what documentation do I need to receive reimbursement?
Where can I locate the Travel/Virtual Training Authorization form?
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Advanced Education

Most Asked SPD-Advanced Education Questions

Where can I locate the Staff and Professional Development forms?
When do I complete the Advanced Education Form?
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Mini Projects

Most Asked SPD-Mini Projects Questions

Category:  SPD-Mini Projects
What is the process for SPD mini projects?
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