SPD Travel


  • Provide opportunities for employees to become involved in educational experiences and professional activities that are relevant to assigned responsibilities.
  • Provide support needed by full-time employees because of their service as a state, regional or national officer of a professional organization. The services to be rendered should relate to the mission, vision and goals of the College and to the duties and responsibilities of the requester at Seminole State.


SPD guidelines exist to assist in extending the limited funds to support as much travel as possible. SPD support may not exceed fifty percent (50 percent) of the travel cost. The maximum reimbursement, per full-time individual, per fiscal year, for any combination of professional study and travel is $2,500. The maximum reimbursement per part-time employee (excluding student employees-who are ineligible) is $1,000 per fiscal year, for any combination of professional study and travel.

  • Full-time employees must have been employed full-time for at least six (6) continuous months prior to applying for funding.
  • Part-time personnel must meet the following requirements in order to be eligible for SPD travel reimbursement. These requirements must be met prior to each request:
    • Part-time instructional employees must be employed at the College and must have at least 225 contact hours (equivalent of one term of hours for a full-time college credit instructor: 15 hour-load x 15 weeks in a term) within a two-year period prior to applying for funding.
    • Part-time non-instructional employees, excluding student employees, must have completed 600 hours of employment within a two-year period prior to applying for funding. Student employment positions are ineligible for SPD travel and professional study funding.
    • Part-time employees who are employed in both instructional and non-instructional non-student positions will need to work the minimum required hours within a two-year period prior to applying for funding. The hours in each category will be weighted to determine if this criterion is met. Example: An employee who works 56.25 instructional hours, which is 25 percent of the 225-hour requirement, and 450 non-instructional non-student employment hours, which is 75 percent of the 600-hour requirement, will be considered to have met the requirement because the combination equals 100 percent of the minimum requirement.
    • The SPD committee may grant special consideration to employees who do not meet these requirements, provided that the study and training activities are immediately needed for College responsibilities.


  • Employees may attend conferences, workshops or seminars, and make visitations for the purpose of updating knowledge and skills as it pertains to their College position.
  • Employees should minimize costs by seeking programs at the closest location with the least expensive registration and lowest fares.
  • Support is not intended to pay dues or ordinary expenses for a professional organizational membership, but is intended to cover travel costs for out-of-state, regional or national meetings, which are not otherwise covered by the organization.
  • Travel outside the contiguous United States requires documentation of travel benefits and requires the approval of the President and the District Board of Trustees.
  • Requests for travel must be submitted five business days prior to the next regular SPD Committee meeting (see online Travel Manual). All travel requests must be submitted prior to departure. All requests will be considered at the next monthly SPD Committee meeting, but not necessarily approved. Reimbursement is not guaranteed until approved by the committee. The SPD Committee will make recommendations on travel requests that exceed $250.
  • Travel requests of $250.00 or less are approved by the SPD Specialist without committee review. A report of the travel approved for $250 or less will be made to the SPD Committee at the next regular meeting.
  • All pertinent travel information should be attached to the request, including itineraries, activity descriptions, costs, etc.
  • The approval of the SPD Committee must be obtained prior to any action, which may result in a commitment of college services or resources.

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