Labor Relations - UFF (Full-Time Faculty)

Overview and History

Chapter 447 of the Florida Statutes authorizes public employees to collectively bargain over wages, hours, and terms and conditions of employment. In 2010 in accordance with the statute, the Florida Public Employees Relations Commission ("PERC") certified the United Faculty of Florida - Seminole State College Chapter ("UFF-Seminole") as the exclusive bargaining representative for the Seminole State College ("SSC") faculty. Collective bargaining between UFF-Seminole and SSC began in February of 2011. The bargaining between the parties concluded on April 29, 2016, with the signing of a "tentative agreement." The tentative agreement was submitted by UFF-Seminole to their membership for a vote on June 8, 2016. The votes resulted in the approval of the agreement with 121 votes to approve and only 3 which voted against, a 97.6% approval rating. The tentative agreement was then submitted to the SSC Board of Trustees and was approved by the Board on July 11, 2016.

The Law

The Union

UFF-Seminole was defined by PERC as follows:

Included: All full-time teaching faculty, librarians, counselors, professors/directors, and professor/program managers.

Excluded: President of the College; all administrative, professional, and career service positions; all department chairs; all temporary full-time faculty; and all part-time and adjunct faculty.

The Contract

The collective bargaining agreement consists of thirty (30) articles (plus appendices) and is valid for a three year period from July of 2016 through June 30, 2019.


J. Paul Carland, II
General Counsel

Betsy Whittenbarger
Executive Assistant

Jonathan Squires
Associate General Counsel

Aamena Kanji
Manager, Risk Assessment and Compliance

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Office of Legal Affairs

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