Social Security Alternative Plan

As a part-time temporary employee at Seminole State College, you are a participant in the College's Social Security Alternative Plan (SSA). The SSA resulted from a federal law, Internal Revenue Code Section 3121 (b) (7) (F). This plan has many advantages. Some of the benefits to you are:

  1. You do not pay social security taxes while you are covered by this plan.  
  2. You pay only the Medicare portion of social security taxes which save you 6.2% in payroll taxes. Because you are in an alternative plan, your time in SSA is not reported to the social security administration. 
  3. The contributions to this plan are made with before-tax dollars. This deduction from your pay is 7.5% of your compensation, which is the minimum contribution allowed under the regulations.
  4. An investment account is established in your name into which your contributions will go, and from which distributions can be paid only to you. A competitive rate of interest is paid into your account each month.
  5. If you leave this plan for any reason before retirement, you can withdraw your account balance from this plan, or continue to save the funds for retirement.
  6. Any benefits that you earned under any other retirement plan (or Social Security) will not be reduced by participation in this plan.
  7. You will receive statements from TIAA-CREF showing the activity in your account, which will allow you to confirm the accuracy and benefits of this plan. You will be able to designate a beneficiary for the plan and select your investment funds. 
  8. Participation in this plan may result in your contributions to your personal IRA account not being allowed by the IRS as a tax savings plan.  You are encouraged to consult with your accountant regarding this.
    • Please be advised that as an eligible part-time employee, participation in this program is mandatory.
    • Information explaining the plan administered by TIAA-CREF. Please direct any questions about this plan to TIAA-CREF using their toll-free telephone number:
      1 800 842-2776
    • You should complete the beneficiary form they mail to you and return it to their address.

* Employees who are in student employment positions are ineligible for the Social Security Alternative Plan.


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