Accepting Awards and Deferring Fees

Students can easily accept financial aid awards and defer fee payment via MySeminoleState, the online student portal. Students who are eligible for financial aid must accept their awards before they can be processed. Deferring fees will allow students to delay paying until the College and BankMobile process their financial aid.

A “deferment” means that the student is requesting a postponement of their tuition payment until their financial aid can be paid out.

  • The student must check their To Do List, located on their MySeminoleState Student Work Center, to see if there are additional documents required in order to complete their file.

If additional documents are required and the student fails to bring them in, they will be responsible for the balance on their account even after deferring fees.

How to Accept Your Financial Aid Awards and Defer Your Fee Payment

  1. Log into your MySeminoleState Account.
  2. Click on Financial Aid.
  3. Click on the Accept/Decline/Defer link.
  4. User Preferences will appear. Make sure they are set correctly:
    1. Institution: Seminole State College
    2. Academic Career: Credit Career, Vocational Career, Baccalaureate, etc. (this depends on the student's Program Plan/Major.)
    3. Term: Fall, Spring or Summer
    4. Click Save.
  5. Click on appropriate Aid Year- 2022 (ex. 2021-2022 Academic Year).
  6. Accept the award(s) you want.
    1. Please read the information carefully for the financial aid program(s) that you are offered.
    2. You can access detailed information by clicking on the underlined name of the program offered.
    3. This will give you important information such as enrollment levels.
    4. Click the Submit button.
  7. This should direct you to the deferment page.
    1. Click on the Enrollment Deferment Requirement link.
    2. Read the "Enrollment Requirements for Financial Aid".
    3. Close the page by clicking on the X on the top right.
    4. Click the drop box for the *FAA Signature to select: Signed.
    5. Review your accepted awards and click Yes to continue.
  8. Next screen should say “The Submit was successful”.
  9. Click the Go to Financial Aid link.
  10. Go back to the Student Work Center (top left side of the page).
  11. Click on Financial Account, which will take you to your Due Charges by Summary page.
    1. Make certain that your due date has been pushed forward 60 days into the term.
    2. If that is your new due date, you have successfully deferred payment.

Additional Details

  • Students must check their To Do List on their MySeminoleState account. If there are any documents required they must be submitted in order to complete the file. No money will be disbursed until the To Do List is complete and enrollment has been verified.
  • The award setup is based on full-time enrollment status (12+ credit hours or more) and will be adjusted according to your enrollment before any refunds are disbursed.
  • If you have received loans in the past and this is your first student loan with Direct Lending you must complete a Master Promissory Note also at:
  • A Direct Loan Master Promissory Note is valid for up to ten years at Seminole State College.
  • New: Students must enroll for all courses by the end of the Add/Drop period of each student’s initial registration of each term in order for courses towards the student’s enrollment status for Financial Aid purposes.


Financial Aid Office
Phone: 407.708.2045
Fax: 407.708.2323

Federal School Code: 001520