Beginning July 1, 2011, Seminole State College will utilize the State of Florida contract with UPS for all inbound shipping. Every purchase order dispatched will have instructions for the vendor to follow to ensure that we receive the correct pricing. Each month Purchasing will receive an invoice detailing that month's usage of the account including the PO number that each charge corresponds to. The Purchasing Department will modify an existing PO to UPS for the monthly charges. Once the PO is complete, a report will be sent to each department that was charged. Purchasing anticipates this process will save the College approximately 35 percent annually on all shipping-related charges.

Discount Structure

The table below provides an overview of the discounts available from the state contract.

Next Day Letter72%
Next Day Package73%
Next Day Saver Letter72%
Next Day Saver Package72%
2 Day Package64%
3 Day Package52%
Ground Commercial Packages52%


Frequently Asked Questions

What is our inbound shipping ID?

Our inbound shipping ID is 1AE670. This number should be provided to the vendor for only College related items.

Will my department be charged for shipping?

Yes, your department will be charged for any shipping costs incurred each month. When you place your orders, there should be no shipping charges at the time of your order. If the vendor indicates there are shipping charges, please forward them the Routing Letter.

How will my department be charged for shipping?

Each month when Purchasing receives the invoice from UPS we will add a new line to the blanket UPS purchase order that will include your budget center and the amount of the shipping charges. Accounts Payable will pay the invoice from the UPS PO line.

What if we have a vendor that refuses to send anything via UPS or refuses to accept our shipping number?

Please direct those vendors to Purchasing where we will resolve the matter as promptly as possible.

What if we have a dispute about the charges on a report?

Please email or call Seminole State Purchasing, 407.708.2173. Include your department number, the PO number and the amount. We will gladly review all charges and resolve the issues for you.


Routing Letter - Provides information and instruction for the vendors to follow to ensure we receive UPS shipping rates.


Fax: 407.708.2256