Payroll Time Reporting Codes for Time Entry

Full-time reporting codes

Full-time overtime and full-time professor's overload pay are to be submitted to Payroll Services for entry.

ALUAnnual Leave
SLUSick Leave Used
SLCSick Leave Carryover
SPUSick Leave Pool Used
PLUPersonal Leave Used
LWPLeave without Pay - Salaried
CMUCompensatory Time Used
CRUCourt Related Leave Used - FT
MILPaid Military Leave - FT
PRLPresident's Personal Leave
WCUWorkers Comp. - Injury in Line of Duty - FT
EMGEmergency College Closing - FT
FALFMLA: Annual Leave Used - FT
FSCFMLA: Sick Leave Carry Over Used - FT
FSLFMLA: Sick Leave Used - FT
FWPFMLA: Leave without Pay - FT
FSPFMLA: Sick Leave Pool Used - FT

Compensatory Time may be awarded in lieu of compensation with the following:

  • The President or Vice President or their designee must authorize compensatory time in writing prior to the work being performed.
  • The employee may elect overtime pay instead of compensatory time.
  • Compensatory time shall be earned at the rate of one and one-half hours for each hour worked in excess of 37.5 hours in a workweek.
  • For each hour worked on paid non-duty days and holidays designated in the College calendar, one and one-half hours of compensatory time will be given.
  • No more than 75 hours of compensatory time may be accumulated at any one time.
  • Accrued compensatory time must be taken within a 90-day period. Use of compensatory time must be exhausted prior to use of paid vacation or personal leave and must be approved in advance.

Part-time reporting codes

CodesDescriptionGeneral Ledger
(GL) Codes
REGRegular PT Pay51500, 52101, 53500,
53503, 54500, 56092,
56093, 56094, 56096,
52504, 56590, 57090
TPTTemporary PT Pay55000, 56000, 56002,
56003, 56004, 56005,
56006, 56500, 57000
STUStudent Pay - PT Student Aid58300
FWSFederal Work Study - Financial Aid58100
EMREmergency College Closing PT 
MIHPaid Military Leave - PT 


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