Credit-Hour Requirements

VA education benefit payments are determined by the number of credit hours a student enrolls in each term. The table below indicates the credit-hour requirements during a standard semester for each pay status.

Credit HoursTraining TimePayment Amount
12 or moreFull TimeMaximum Allowance
9-113/4 Time75 Percent of Maximum Allowance
6-81/2 Time50 Percent of Maximum Allowance
5 or lessBelow 1/2 TimeTuition and Fees Only

Monthly Housing Allowance (BAH)

The Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) is payable for all pursuit that includes at least one in-resident course and is more than 50 percent of full-time pursuit. For example, where 12 semester hours is considered full-time, the BAH would be payable for all pursuit of at least 7 credit hours. The amount payable is based upon the rate of pursuit rounded to the nearest tenth. For example, the rate of pursuit for a student taking 9 semester hours is 75 percent, which rounds up to 80 percent. Therefore, the student would receive 80 percent of the eligible housing allowance. 

Split Sessions

Seminole State offers accelerated sessions for degree-seeking students. If you enroll in the College's condensed A and/or B sessions, your course load requirements will change, and the DVA will accelerate your pay status accordingly. Check with the Veterans Affairs Office to confirm the actual rate of acceleration.

Please note: The number of credit hours needed to achieve full-time status for College and/or financial aid purposes may differ from the DVA's stipulations. Check with the Financial Aid office to determine their credit-hour requirements.


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