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The Seminole State United Assistance for Veterans (UAV) program, founded in 2023, was established to address the unique needs of student veterans at Seminole State College.   

While the program has been temporarily inactive, there is a significant opportunity to revive and enhance it to better serve our student veteran population.

The primary mission of UAV is to foster camaraderie, provide vital support, and create a strong social network for Seminole State student veterans. Our goal is to assist student veterans in achieving their educational objectives and ease their transition into civilian life.

Goals and objectives of the revived UAV program will focus on the following key areas:

  • Supporting Educational Goals
    • Establish a Veteran Student Success Committee.
    • Develop a comprehensive military student orientation.
    • Create a network of peer mentors for military students. 
  • Scholarship Opportunities
    • Establish need-based scholarships for student veterans.
    • Raise funds through various channels to support these scholarships.
  • Access to Benefits
    • Provide information about benefits and entitlements during student orientation.
  • Student Wellness
    • Implement a "No Veteran Left Behind" program. 
    • Monitor student success and provide timely interventions.
    • Create a mentor/mentee database for support.
  • Representation and Advocacy
    • Administer a needs assessment to understand student veteran concerns.
    • Organize military student forums for open dialogue.
    • Encourage UAV leadership to engage with veteran organizations.
  • Social Network
    • Promote UAV through engaging events and widespread dissemination of information.
  • Outreach Services
    • Provide a comprehensive resource guide for military students.
    • Utilize peer mentors for one-on-one support.
  • Collaboration with Veteran Organizations
    • Establish partnerships with veteran organizations for enhanced resources and services.

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Why be a part of this organization?

Being a part of something was one of the reasons you joined the military. Once you separated, that feeling of belonging is still there, but difficult to find.  That's why you should join.

We don't just want to become a place that isolates student veterans, we want you to help you integrate into the civilian community.  

We will do this by 

  • fostering camaraderie 
  • providing vital support
  • creating a strong social network for Seminole State student veterans both on and off campus          


Office of Veteran Student Services
Fax: 407.708.2564
Sanford/Lake Mary Campus:  Student Center (SC), Room 266 - 2nd Floor