Education/Training Student Accident Insurance

Fire Science studentSummary of Coverage

The Education-Training Student Accident Insurance program is a fully insured policy underwritten by QBE Insurance Group (QBE). This policy provides coverage for registered students in the named education/training courses on file with QBE while the students are:

  • Participating in college courses, labs or clinical training activities that are sponsored by Seminole State and on the premises designated and supervised by the College
  • On the premises used for classes, labs or clinical training as designated by the College
  • Traveling with a group in connection with the activities under the direct supervision of the College

Coverage under this policy ends when the applicable course or program of study ends. The policy does not provide coverage for returning students who wish to take agility tests, recertification exams, etc., unless said students are enrolled in a course.

Accident Medical Benefit: Student must incur initial medical expenses within 26 weeks after an accident to receive coverage.

Accidental Death Benefit and Accidental Dismemberment Benefit: Loss of life or limb (per policy) must occur within 365 days after the date of the accident to receive coverage.

Policy Limits

Seminole State College has no deductible.

The policy provides the following limits:

  • Accident Medical Expense Maximum: $25,000
  • Accidental Death Principal Sum: $25,000
  • Dental Maximum: $25,000
  • Accidental Dismemberment Principal Sum: $25,000
  • Benefit period: 104 Weeks

Please note: This policy provides excess coverage. Any other coverage available to a student would be primary.

Reporting Claims

Seminole State College must file a completed Accident-Incident Report (see note below) to the Consortium, indicating at the top of the form "Student Accident Claim-QBE form sent directly to A-G Adminstrators."

 Note: This form is a sample. An original Accident-Incident Report can be obtained by calling Safety & Security at:

  • Altamonte Springs Campus: 407.404.6100
  • Heathrow Campus: 407.708.4410
  • Oviedo Campus: 407.971.5020
  • Sanford/Lake Mary Campus: 407.708.2178

Seminole State College must submit a completed A-G Administrators Claim Form to A-G Administrators within 30 days of injury to comply with policy provisions. Please follow the instructions on page one of the attached claim form very carefully as to avoid delaying the processing of the claim. (A-G Administrators handle the claims on behalf of QBE.)

The student is responsible for submitting all related medical bills that he or she incurs as a result of the injury, as well as any other supporting documentation.

The injured student's Social Security number is now required on the claim form due to government regulations and requirements.

Completed forms and documentation should be emailed to: and copy Joshua Davis at

For a death claim, please follow instructions above EXCEPT

  • forward death claim to: FCSRMC, 4500 NW 27th Avenue Suite D2, Gainesville, FL 32606 Attn: Joshua Davis
  • or fax to Joshua Davis at 352.955.2069 ext 114
  • or email Joshua Davis at

as QBE will forward claim directly to A-G Administrators for handling.

Example of Claim

Student suffers a laceration requiring medical attention while participating in a clinical experience as part of his or her education or training coursework.

Additional Information on the Education-Training Student Insurance Policy


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