Labor Management Team

Article 2 - "Consultation" provides as follows: The College's representatives shall meet with UFF-Seminole representatives to discuss matters pertinent to the implementation or administration of this Agreement, College actions affecting terms and conditions of employment, or any other mutually agreeable matters. Such meetings shall occur by mutual agreement of parties, but not less than once each academic year.

The Labor Management Team is a joint working group of Union and College representatives that performs the consultative tasks described in Article 2. While a minimum of one meeting per academic year is required, the Team endeavors to meet on a much more frequent and regular basis to ensure good communication and to provide a forum for problem solving when concerns arise. The Team does not supplant either the bargaining or grievance process. It is anticipated that through good communication and collective effort, the Team may assist in streamlining bargaining and reducing the number of grievances.

Team Members

  • Diana Boyette
  • J. Paul Carland, II
  • Gina Fontana
  • Marisabel Irizarry
  • Douglas Engel
  • Laura Ross
  • Susan Aten-Vanderwerken
  • Lisa Valentino

Labor Management Agenda & Minutes

Compensation Subcommittee

As part of its consultative role under the CBA, the Labor Management Team works to collect and analyze data to be used for bargaining compensation.  The Team has created the Compensation Subcommittee to bring together experts from both the faculty and administration to do this work.  The Subcommittee reports back its findings and data to the Team prior to any bargaining on these issues.

Team Members

  • Frankie Albritton
  • Diana Boyette
  • J. Paul Carland, II
  • Cheryl Cicotti
  • Judi Cooper
  • Charmaine Thompson Deglas
  • Tommy Minton
  • Adam Shafer
  • Diana Wenzel

Compensation Subcommittee Agendas & Minutes

Collegewide Continuing Contract Review Committee (CCCRC)

The CCCRC is a committee established by section 13.4 C. of the Collective Bargaining Agreement.  The committee is tasked with reviewing applications for continuing contract from tenure track faculty.  The committee votes to either endorse or not endorse the application and forwards its recommendation to the Vice President of Academic Affairs.  If the recommendation is “non-endorsement,” the committee may recommend an additional annual contract with an improvement plan.

In accordance with the CBA, the committee members serve two year terms.    The committee members for the current academic year are as follows:

Team Members 2019-20

  • Robert McGraw
    School of Business, Health and Public Safety
  • Christy Graves
    School of Engineering, Design and Construction
  • Kim Ellis
    School of Academic Foundations
  • Van Quach, Chair
    School of Arts and Sciences
  • Michael Schau
  • Lyne Chamberlain 
    School of Business, Health and Public Safety  (2nd Year)
  • Michael Kappers 
    School of Engineering, Design and Construction (2nd Year)
  • Lauri Schoneck 
    School of Academic Foundations (2nd Year)
  • David Taylor 
    School of Arts and Sciences (2nd Year)
  • Nelson Lucca 
    Counselors (2nd Year)
  • Mae Ashby
    Non-voting HR Representative (2nd Year)

Other Committees for Fall 2019 (per Article 30):

A10 Committee on Alternative Contract Lengths

  • Gina Fontana
  • Nancy Gasper
  • Kerri Smith
  • Adam Stark
  • Stephen Summers
  • Lisa Valentino

A10 Committee on Academic Foundations

  • Frank Bonjione
  • Dee Boyette
  • Diana Christopher
  • Bill Elshoff
  • Maria Pagnotta
  • Michael Staley
  • Dougie Taylor
  • Vaness Wynn


J. Paul Carland, II
General Counsel

Betsy Whittenbarger
Executive Assistant

Jonathan Squires
Associate General Counsel

Aamena Kanji
Manager, Risk Assessment and Compliance

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Office of Legal Affairs

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