Government Affairs

Congressman Mills Visits Seminole State
Congressman Mills Visits Seminole State's Sanford/Lake Mary campus to hear about workforce programs (Spring 2023).

Seminole State College's Office of Government Affairs represents the needs of the College by:

  • Developing and monitoring legislative issues that impact Seminole State
  • Regularly visiting and communicating with local and state policymakers, including the governor's staff, legislators, members of the legislative staff and local officials to promote enactment of the College's legislative agenda
  • Gathering information about the impact of proposed Florida legislation
  • Communicating with Seminole State's faculty and staff, as well as the local community, to ensure all College constituents understand the political position of the institution

Federal Legislative Delegation


Marco Rubio
Rick Scott


District 7 - Cory Mills

State of Florida Legislative Delegation

State of Florida Legislative Delegation from Seminole State College
Representative David Smith, Senator Jason Brodeur, President Georgia Lorenz, Representative Doug Bankson and Board Chair Bob Cortes (Spring 2023).

Members of the Seminole County legislative delegation visiting the Altamonte Springs Campus to learn about Seminole State’s priorities including a request for a second building to expand our nursing program to meet workforce needs. 


Senate 10 - Jason Brodeur


House 36 - Rachel Plakon
House 37 - Susan Plasencia
House 38 - David Smith
House 39 - Doug Bankson

2024 Legislative Priorities

Coming Soon!

2023 Legislative Priorities

2023 Seminole State Legislative Priorities

  • Workforce, Science and Technology Center (Building B) - Altamonte Springs Campus
  • Student Success Center - Altamonte Springs Campus
  • Health & Safety Improvements, Building C - Sanford/Lake Mary Campus

2023 Florida College System Legislative Priorities

Legislative Update

  • 2024 Regular Legislative Session convenes - January 9, 2024

Legislative/Government Affairs Internship

In collaboration with the Grindle Honors Institute, the Office of Legal and Government Affairs hosts a legislative / government affairs intern.  The internship gives students an opportunity to study and observe local and state governance and engage in the legislative process.  This program is designed to maximize a student’s exposure to the various components of government and its functions and processes which impact them and the college.  In conjunction with the internship, students also enroll in the honor internship course.