Pathfinder & Career Service Awards

The Foundation is proud to honor the faculty and staff of Seminole State College for their dedicated efforts in creating the best possible learning environment for students and continually maintaining a standard of excellence.

The Foundation recognizes achievements at the College through Endowed Teaching Chairs, Mini-Grants, Faculty Excellence awards, and the following: 

Career Service Excellence Award

The Career Service Excellence Awards honor staff members who have continuously exceeded expectations and shown the utmost dedication to their position at the College. This monetary award funded by the Foundation for Seminole State College recognizes exemplary job performance as well as leadership abilities, interpersonal relationships and overall contributions to the College. These funds are made possible by the generous donations of our faculty, staff, alumni and friends.

Nominations are accepted each fall, and candidates are reviewed by a College selection committee. For more information, visit the Human Resources website .


  • Full-time: 
    • Linda O' Donnell - Administrative Assistant III
    • Esperanza Pardo - Testing Support Specialist
  • Part-time: 
    • Lottie Washington - Office Supervisor II


  • Full-time: 
    • Beverly Smith
    • Vonda Bridges
  • Part-time: 
    • David Spencer 


  • Full-time: 
    • Susan Gibson
    • David Haskins
  • Part-time: 
    • Joshua Cooper


  • Full-time: 
    • Wayne Ambrose
    • Julie Knott
  • Part-time: 
    • Lauren Thompson


  • Full-time: 
    • Arlene Gonzalez 
    • Myrna Townsley
  • Part-time:
    • Jemma Collins


  • Full-time:
    • Lauren Bender
    • Rosemary Falk 
  • Part-time: 
    • Jessica King

2017: Dianne Eldred and Kimberly McKinnon

2016: Renee Templeton

2015: Jimmy McLaughlin, Orlando Carroll and James Bickham

2014: James Henry and Shelley Herter

2013: Derek Demeter and Leona Jones

2012: Simoni Gannon

2011: Lee Patrizzi and Beatriz Sanabrja

2010: Debra Digioia and David Esworthy

2009: Eve Hudson and Rhonda Thacker

2008: Rosalie Hardy and Robin Parker

2007: Ken Meadows and Kathryn "Kackie" Wilkins

2006: Rene Butters and Ron Parker

2005: Linda Cowels and Eve Grey

2004: Molly Dykes, Anne Humphery and Beverly Sjoblom

2003: Diana Dillon

2002: Liz Lawson

2001: Maureen Tremel and Elaine Iannelli

2000: Jan Gerrity and Ed Langolf

1999: Bill Jordan and Claudia Duncan

Pathfinder Award

The Pathfinder Awards were created to recognize those who continually strive to make a difference for Seminole State College. Their dedicated efforts create a better working environment for students, faculty and staff, and their leadership abilities always exceed expectations. These awards are funded by the Foundation for Seminole State College and are made possible by the donations of our faculty, staff, alumni and friends.

Each year, Pathfinder Awards are presented to an individual employee, a department and a business or community member. The individual award is open to any full-time faculty or staff member who has been employed with the College for at least three years. Nominations are accepted each fall, and winners are selected by the Pathfinder Awards Selection Committee.

For more information, please visit the Human Resources website Human Resources Employee Recognition.

2023 Recipients:

  • Employees: 
    • Dalia Fox - Counselor
    • Geoffrey Nelson - Coordinator, Recreational Sports & Wellness
    • Lindsay McGuire - Office Supervisor II
  • Department: 
    • Campus Safety and Security
      • Miguel Sierra - Director
  • Community: 
    • Orlando Health South Seminole
  • Janet Balanoff Catalyst for Excellence in Equity and Diversity Award:
    • Dianna Campbell - Distinguished Professor

2022 Recipients:

  • Employees: Dr. Maya Byfield, Dr. Michele Cuomo, Caroline Walkover
  • Department: College Libraries
  • Community: Universal Orlando
  • Janet Balanoff Catalyst for Excellence in Equity and Diversity Award: Allison Walker

2021 Recipients:

  • Employees: Elaine Caggiano, Cheryl Knodel, Dr. Geraldine Perez
  • Department: Arts and Communication
  • Community: Seminole County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO)

2020 Recipients:

  • Employees: Melina Abreu, Michael McCurdy, Brittany Resmann
  • Department: eLearning
  • Community: Seminole County Office of Emergency Management and the Florida Department of Health, Seminole County

2019 Recipients: 

  • Employees: Chris Lemm, Ernesto Maldonado, Turi Christensen
  • Department: Curriculum, Credentialing and Academic Scheduling
  • Community: Heart of Florida United Way and Suntrust

2018 Recipients: 

  • Employees: Ashley Maddox, Joseph Huston, Dr. Mark Morgan
  • Department: Media Services, Computing Services
  • Community: Wendy Brandon, Former Seminole State Trustee

2017 Recipients:

  • Employee: Tracy Harbin
  • Department: Facilities Services - Project Management and Environmental Health & Safety
  • Community: Brenda Carey, Seminole County Commissioner, District 5

2016 Recipients:

  • Employee: Dr. Geoffrey Fortunato
  • Department: Academic Advising & Counseling
  • Community: Wayne M. Densch Charities 

2015 Recipients:

  • Employee: Brenda Thacker
  • Department: Academic Success Center/STAR Center
  • Community: Addition Financial

2014 Recipients:

  • Employee: Deborah Richard
  • Department: Biological Science
  • Community: The Weldons, Seminole State's founding family

2013 Recipients:

  • Employee: Jacquelyn Thompson
  • Department: Grants
  • Community: City of Altamonte Springs

2012 Recipients:

  • Employee: Les Lusk
  • Department: Mathematics
  • Community: Orlando Magic Youth Foundation

2011 Recipients:

  • Employee: Ana Benitez
  • Department: Arts and Communication
  • Community: Dr. Bill Vogel, superintendent of Seminole County Public Schools

 2010 Recipients:

  • Employee: Carole Williams
  • Department: Heathrow Construction, Engineering and Design
  • Community: Wharton-Smith, Inc.

 2009 Recipients:

  • Employee: Christine Broeker
  • Department: Nursing Department
  • Community: Dede Schaffner

 2008 Recipients:

  • Employee: Jackie Dean
  • Department: Honors Department
  • Community: Walt Griffin and Anna-Marie Cote of Seminole County Public Schools

 2007 Recipients:

  • Employee: Patty Elliott
  • Department: Distance Learning Department
  • Community: Rick Lee and Verdell Pugh Horne

 2006 Recipients:

  • Employee: Sherry Jenkins
  • Department: Educational Services Department
  • Community: Billy Raley

 2005 Recipients:

  • Employee: Jan Gerrity
  • Department: Maintenance (Building Operations/Custodial/Grounds)
  • Community: R.T. Milwee (posthumous)

 2004 Recipients:

  • Employee: Lucy Soto-Clowney
  • Department: College Relations and Marketing
  • Community: Central Florida Auto Dealers Association, Inc. (CFADA)

 2003 Recipients:

  • Employee: Nelda Malm
  • Department: ABE/GED Department
  • Community: Paul Haggerty

 2002 Recipients:

  • Employee: Dottie Paishon
  • Department: Institutional Research
  • Community: Art Grindle

 2001 Recipients:

  • Employee:  Arthur Aponte
  • Department: LRC/Library Services Staff
  • Community: Owen Wentworth and High Tech Corridor

 2000 Recipients:

  • Employee: Sherry Jenkins
  • Department: Grounds and Maintenance
  • Community: Lee P. Moore and Mrs. Altermese Smith Bentley, and the Community Improvement Association

 1999 Recipients:

  • Employee: Geneva Duarte
  • Department: Computing and Telecommunications Services
  • Community: Larry Stewart

 1998 Recipients:

  • Employee: Kenna Noone
  • Department: Automotive Technology Department and Print Shop
  • Community: Randy Berridge and High Tech Corridor


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