Foundation Scholars

Each student who receives a scholarship from the Foundation has an unique story. Continue reading to discover some highlighted stories of our Foundation Scholars.

Emily Gearhart posing for picture while standing with other classmates wearing white lab coats in a pharmacy background.

Emily Gearhart

Wayne M. Densch Scholar

Donors have been an integral part of Emily's educational journey every step of the way at Seminole State. As an incoming freshman, Emily participated in the Wayne M. Densch Scholarship program for first-generation students and received additional Foundation scholarships to assist with tuition and books. But Emily’s deepest "aha moment" occurred when she was invited to participate in the Biology Department's "Women in Science" field trip to New Mexico. Led by Dr. Debbie Barr and Dr. Debra Socci and funded through donor support, the group toured the New Mexico Consortium and Pebble Labs, where Emily discovered and was accepted into a summer internship at Pebble Labs . “I have been so fortunate throughout my years here at Seminole State College, because I haven’t had to pay out of pocket for my classes or books because of the support of the many donors who believe in students and our education. I know I don’t speak alone when I say that I greatly appreciate everything that the donors have done, because my college experience wouldn’t have been the same without their support. When students go to college for higher education the last things on their mind should be how they are going to pay for their classes and necessary materials. They should be thinking about how all this knowledge they're gaining is getting them one step closer to their dreams and what opportunities lie ahead of them. The contributions of the donors help take that worry out of our minds.”


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