About the Foundation

Created at the request of the College's first president Dr. Earl Weldon, the Foundation for Seminole State College is a not-for-profit, tax-exempt corporation established under Florida law in 1968. The activities, funds and resources produced by the Foundation are managed by a Board of Directors comprised of dedicated business and civic leaders. These men and women serve the Foundation without compensation, providing their time and talent to foster support for the College.


The Foundation's mission is to enhance Seminole State College's programs and services through the development and management of private contributions, public grants and community partnerships. The Foundation provides resources that support academic excellence, increased access and vital community outreach, which assists in the advancement of the institution, its students, and its faculty and staff.  

The focus of the Foundation for Seminole State College is to increase its roles as the steward of relationships and funds; the facilitator of opportunities; and the messenger and model of Seminole State values and merit.


Over the years, the Foundation has received financial support from faculty, staff, alumni, businesses, civic clubs, organizations and other friends throughout Central Florida. Much of that support has been generated through major fundraising events, including:

The funds generated by the Foundation support the College in various ways, providing:

Giving Opportunities

Seminole State College relies heavily on private philanthropic support to augment state appropriations. Private gift support allows the College to broaden instructional programs and extend educational opportunities to those less fortunate.

Seminole State is committed to building valuable, lasting relationships with donors, while publicly recognizing and honoring their generosity via three leadership giving programs, including:


Foundation for Seminole State
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