Foundation Board of Directors

The activities, funds, and resources of the Foundation for Seminole State College are managed by a Board of Directors composed of dedicated business and civic leaders. These men and women serve the Foundation without compensation while contributing their considerable management and leadership skills to foster support for Seminole State.

Upcoming Foundation Board Activities

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  • Chair: Michael Sheerin
  • Vice Chair: Larry Campbell
  • Secretary: Tim Smith
  • Treasurer: Mike Lloyd
  • Executive Director: John Gyllin
  • Immediate Past Chair: Rebecca Rhoden

Board Members

  • Kurt Alter
  • Denny Bowman
  • Katie Bowman, Alumni Association Representative
  • Tina Calderone, Board of Trustees Representative
  • Larry Campbell
  • Evelyn Cardenas
  • Tim Cook
  • Lisa Cotter
  • Patty D'Alessandro
  • Jennifer David
  • Kay Delk
  • Susie Dolan
  • Harry Ellis
  • John Gyllin, Foundation Executive  Director
  • Sterling Harrell
  • Andria Herr
  • Catalina Hoyos-Nipe
  • Jennifer James
  • Mike Lloyd
  • Georgia Lorenz, Seminole  State President 
  • Maurizio Maso
  • Larry Meador
  • Shawn Molsberger
  • Lee Moore
  • Sam Nelson
  • Ben Newman
  • Rebecca Rhoden
  • Rob Rosen
  • Michael Sheerin
  • Jim Smisek, Faculty Senate Representative
  • Tim Smith
  • Geraldine "Gerry" Weldon, First Lady of the College and Director Emeritus

Director Emeritus

Director Emeritus is an honorary position conferred upon a member of the Foundation Board who has completed his or her term on the Board or who left in good standing, demonstrated leadership on the Board, contributed significantly to the development of the Foundation, provided meritorious service representing the Foundation in the community, and demonstrated a continuous commitment to increasing educational opportunities for local citizens. An individual may be nominated by a current or former member of the Board, community partner or Foundation staff member. A Director Emeritus may return to the Board of Directors as an active board member.

Currently Named Director Emeritus

  • Brent Adamson
  • Robert Baker
  • Randy Berridge
  • Stephen E. Cook
  • S. Joseph Davis
  • Carolyn Franz
  • Stephen M. Glazier
  • Tom Green
  • Charles “Chick” Gregg
  • Beth Hattaway
  • Frank Ioppolo Jr.
  • Dale S. Jones
  • David J. Maxon
  • Edwards “Mack” McReynolds
  • Dr. E. Ann McGee
  • Barbara Miller
  • Raymond T. Milwee
  • Paul Porter
  • Billy Raley
  • Dr. James Sawyer
  • Dede Schaffner
  • Rodney R. Smith
  • Paul Snead Jr.
  • Larry Stewart
  • Ken Sylvester
  • Dr. Earl S. Weldon
  • Geraldine “Gerry” Weldon


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