Blue & Gold Circle

Foundation for Seminole State College Blue and Gold Circle

The Blue & Gold Circle is an annual giving campaign created specifically for faculty and staff who have generously decided to give back to the College.

Point. Click. Give. Change Lives!

Every gift has the power to change lives. Seminole State Employees who choose to give back to the college exemplify their commitment to the future of our students. Faculty and staff know first hand the impact that scholarship or program dollars can make. Their support reflects our pride in the work we do and shows the community that Seminole State College is worthy of philanthropic investment

What is our Goal?

Our goal is to increase the number of Seminole State employees who give. That is why any gift, to any program that you care about, carries great significance.

Why Should I Give?

As an employee of Seminole State, you have a special connection. Without your commitment every day, Seminole State would not succeed.

Your participation in the Blue & Gold Circle helps our students and future by:

  • Contributing to more than 630 student scholarships
  • Increasing the number of faculty and staff Mini-Grants awarded, as well as the amount given
    Read more about Mini-Grants
  • Enhancing College facilities and funding the purchase of instructional equipment

Regardless of size, your gift to Seminole State goes beyond providing financial support to our students, campus and programs. It establishes Seminole State as worthy of support in the eyes of our alumni, friends and business community.

Thank you for your generosity and the impact that you have made for our students.

For more information on the Blue & Gold Circle, contact the Foundation for Seminole State College:

Phone: 407.708.4567
Location: Heathrow Campus (HEA-209)


Foundation for Seminole State
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