Mini-Grant Recipients

Spring 2021*

  • Morgan Tracy (College Libraries): $824.99 for equipment to digitize Seminole State College’s historical materials housed by the library
  • Kurt Esser (Athletics): $1,350.00 for a Theragun PRO device to facilitate percussive therapy on Cross Country athletes
  • Geoffrey Nelson (Intramural Sports): $2,000.00 for two roll-away bleachers for the Raider Center
  • Mark Davis (Automotive): $1,637.94 for a tablet-style diagnostic scanning tool
  • Grace Nasnas (Mathematics): $1,339.60 for TI Colored calculator software licenses
  • Michele Cuomo (Theatre): $1,320.64 for a professional sewing machine to help with costuming for theatre productions
  • Lauri Schoneck (Center for Adult & Workforce Education): $1,988.00 for GED Test Vouchers for GED & Former AHS Students
  • Jim Smisek (Music Department): $2,000.00 for Music Department recording equipment
  • Michael McCurdy & Jimmy McLaughlin (eLearning & Media Technology Services): $2,000.00 for eGlass Learning Glass transparent whiteboard with built-in camera
  • Megan Dickson (Student Life): $1,196.00 for four iPads to assist with event engagement tracking
  • Brian Crose (eLearning): $1,500.00 for assistance to support United States Distance Learning (USDLA) National Distance Learning Week initiatives
  • Angel Nater (Public Safety): $2,000.00 for Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) instructor certification

*All Spring 2021 Mini-Grant awards were funded by Seminole State College.

Fall 2020

  • James Cokos (Automotive): $2,000.00 for Electude International software
  • Deborah Lynch (Academic Advising and Counseling): $2,000.00 for mental health first aid training
  • Mike Nicholson (Athletics): $961.07 for a camera and accessories to live stream baseball practices
  • Debra Socci (Biology): $2,000.00 for a portable interactive display screen to use in the Duke Energy sustainability lab located on the Robert & Jane Lee Campus
  • Laila Nimri (Biology): $2,000.00 for a high resolution camera
  • Azan Edoo (Automotive): $1,610.49.00 for heavy duty transmission service tables
  • Ken Moore (Media Services): $1,680.00 for Elmo document cameras to be used by faculty
  • Jimmy McLaughlin (Media Services): $1,875.97 for recording equipment to be used by faculty
  • Colin Morgan (Criminal Justice): $,1579.88 for physical fitness equipment for students
  • Marshall Bryant (Disability Support Services): $1,840.00 for voice recorders for student note takers
  • Carlos Vasquez (Automotive): $1,120.00 for Elmo document cameras
  • Kathryn Lee-Hunt (Veteran Affairs): $1,720.00 for commemorative Rally warrior coins for graduating Veterans
  • Richard Harmon (Fine & Performing Arts): $1,098.00 for wireless microphone system to present outdoor theatre productions
  • Jordan Camenker (Legal Studies): $750.82 for mock trial books

Spring 2020

  • Sandy Keeter (Information Technology): $729.00 for a Latitude 3500 Laptop
  • Kaverra Brown (Respiratory Care): $1,999.89 for respiratory care supplies
  • Christine McKeel (Academic Success Center): $832.80 for pen tablets for online tutoring
  • James Cokos (Automotive): $2,000.00 for automotive technology tool upgrades and enhancements
  • Azan Edoo (Automotive): $560.00 for an Elmo visual document camera
  • Derek Demeter (Planetarium): $1,850.00 for live stacking technology equipment
  • Jerome Juska (Business Information Management): $435.00 for facial recognition technology and privacy rights experiential learning software
  • James Charles (Criminal Justice): $1,996.58 for grappling dummies, boxing gloves, observation stand, medicine ball kits, and other fitness related supplies
  • Michele Cuomo, James Smisek, Billy Williamson, and Michael McCurdy (Arts and Communications): $2,000.00 for portable equipment to record bands, ensembles, and individuals
  • Evelyn Edstrom, Grace Nasnas, and Tamara Steffy (Mathematics): $1,680.00 for Elmo visual document cameras
  • Josh Jacobs (Theater): $1,999.99 for boom bases to support vertical piping and other functionalities during performances

Fall 2019

  • Jaime Magnetico (Allied Health): $1,525.00 for a new respiratory EKG machine
  • Geoffrey Nelson / Geraldine Perez (Intramural Sports & Disability Support Services): $299.74 for X-Box adaptive controllers for the student game room
  • Shellie Lewis (Center for Public Safety): $785.00 for specialized sledge hammers to help prepare the Fire Academy cadets for the Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT)
  • Jim Jollie (Center for Public Safety): $1,448.00 for a specialized glass cutter to allow students work with current equipment being used in the industry
  • Christa Teno (Women's Golf): $1,230.00 for Women's Golf Championship Rings
  • Jay Spalding (Studio Art): $1,887.17 for art gallery supplies
  • Jimmy McLaughlin (CTS): $1,614.00 for three Elmo document cameras
  • Kiara Sabina (Academic Success Center): $381.96 for tutoring materials
  • Mahesh Peddibhotla, PhD (Enrollment Services): $546.00 for a ChemDraw License to provide higher quality chemical instruction
  • Leslie Sammarco & Starla Lowrry (Nursing): $499.95 for a copy of the Clinical Simulations for Nursing Education Facilitator Manual including case study simulations
  • Christine McKeel (Academic Success Center): $960.61 for Oviedo Academic Success Center tutoring enhancements
  • James Charles (Criminal Justice): $1,700.00 for two handheld patrol car radios
  • Jetaime Rolland (Academic Advising and Counseling): $2,000.00 for mental health first aid facilitator training
  • Dalia Fox (Academic Advising and Counseling): $2,000.00 for mental health first aid facilitator training
  • Angel Nater (Public Safety): $1,725.00 for two Laerdal Compact Suction Units and three SpO2 Sensors
  • Azan Edoo (Automotive): $1,890.00 for three Matco Maximus Scan Tools
  • Carlos J. Vasquez (Automotive): $1,999.97.00 for six Fluke 87V Digital Multimeters
  • Lauri M. Schoneck (ABE/GED): $1,960.00 for GED & TABE Academy Online access
  • Dr. James Smisek (Arts and Communication): $1,588.83 for a drum set 

Spring 2019

  • Deborah Barr (Biology): $1,930.50 for Supplemental Models for Anatomy & Physiology Laboratory
  • Donna Lenahan (Perkins & Workforce Ed Grants): $95.00 for Florida Restaurant & Lodging Association Membership
  • Natalie Clark (Perkins & Workforce Ed Grants): $730.00 for International Council on Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional Education Membership
  • Richard Harmon (Fine & Performing Arts - Theatre): $1,535.00 for Touchscreen control of Lighting in Harriett's Theatre
  • John Werner (Physical Sciences): $1,559.41 for Earth Sciences Supplies
  • Derek Demeter (Planetarium): $2000.00 for Real Time Fulldome Player
  • Tan Qu (School of Engineering, Design & Construction): $2,000.00 for Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) Instructor Laptop
  • Marisol De Jesus Berrios, Amee Mehta, Jmmy McLaughlin, & Michael McCurdy (Biological Science & Multimedia Technology Services and eLearning): $1,688.00 for Connecting our Students - Biological Sciences
  • Frances Middleton (Enrollment Services): $1,233.77 for Enrollment Services/Transcript Process Enhancement
  • Sofronio Agustin, Amee Mehta, & James Henry (Biology): $1500.00 for Epifluorescence Microscopy
  • Regina Fontana (Social Sciences): $2,000.00 for Interactive Student Engagement
  • Ferol L. Voltaggio (Career and Technical Education): $1,973.75 for Exploring Career Pathways to Seminole State College
  • Elena Soltau & Lynn Garrett (College Libraries): $1,830.20 for Increasing number of Seats at Altamonte Campus Library

Fall 2018

  • Jaime Magnetico (Allied Health): $995.00 for Virtual Monitor Software
  • Turi Christensen (Academic Success Center): $347.50 for Drawing Tablets for Online Tutoring Sessions
  • Molly Yanni (Allied Health): $1,488.63 for Classroom Laptop Cabinets
  • Christine Mckeel (Academic Success Center Science Tutoring Enhancements): $464.00 for Academic Success Center Science Tutoring Enhancements
  • James Charles (Criminal Justice): $1,790.00 for Wellness Equipment Security
  • Sandra Dillard (Criminal Justice): $1,122.51 for Supplies for Crime Scene/Forensics Students
  • Shellie Lewis (Public Safety): $1,069.27 for Fire Academy Medical Response Kits
  • Michele Cuomo (Arts and Communication): $2,000.00 for a Flamenco Del Sol Informance and Performance of Carmen
  • Morgan Tracy (College Libraries): $1,000.00 to provide Textbooks on Reserve
  • Richard Harmon (Fine & Performing Arts): $1,950.00 for LED Par-Zoom Lighting Instruments
  • Kirk Sawyer (Engineering Technology): $1,972.00 for Robotics Equipment
  • Alvin Mitchell (Adult Education Student Affairs): $578.00 for Language Translation Devices
  • Douglas Anne Taylor (Architecture, Engineering & Construction): $1,000.00 for CTE pathway awareness for students
  • Holly Rodwick (Interior Design): $1,000.00 for Interior Design Brochures for FTIC Recruiting
  • Beverly Smith (Honors Institute): $1,100.00 for Honors Institute Open House for Students

Spring 2018

  • Elena Soltau (Library): $1,036 for the purchase of portable mobile device battery chargers for the College’s campus libraries
  • Jamie Magnetico (Allied Health): $1,995 for a Premie HAL Simulator
  • Debra Rinne (Biological Sciences): $1,350 to fund the BEGin Professional Development Program for undergraduate genetics faculty
  • Lynn Garrett (Academic Administration): $1,676.18 for recording studio equipment for faculty at the College’s Altamonte Springs Campus
  • Deborah Barr (Biological Sciences): $965.41 for a segmented lung model for Anatomy & Physiology II classes
  • Richard Harmon (Fine & Performing Arts – Theatre): $2,000 for wireless communications infrastructure for theatre students, staff and the faculty production run crew
  • Kurt Esser (Athletics): $1,800 for a branded hitting facility windscreen
  • Dianna Campbell (Arts & Communications): $2,000 to commission choral work for the Stonewall riots commemoration event
  • Grace Gonzalez & Andrea Harrison (Student Affairs – Altamonte Springs): $524.72 for a privacy screen to secure student information
  • Terina Nusinov (Biological Sciences): $530.05 for amphibian sampling research
  • Rafal Grudzien & Van Quach (Chemistry): $655.59 for classroom response clickers for general chemistry courses
  • Jorge Suarez (Automotive): $1,680.70 for a Fluke Digital Multimeter Series 5/MD87S5 device
  • Christine McKeel (Academic Success Center): $1,319 for materials for enhanced tutoring sessions

Fall 2017

  • Morgan Tracy (Library): $730 for bike desks for campus libraries
  • Christine McKeel (Academic Success Center): $1,195.57 for mobile whiteboards and accessories for interactive tutoring
  • Deborah Richard (Marketing and Communications): $650 for personnel development and teambuilding DISC team profiles for Marketing
  • Tan Qu and Holly Rodwick (School of Engineering, Design and Construction): $2,000 for mobile computer workstation for Design and Construction student projects
  • Tan Qu (School of Engineering, Design and Construction): $1,950 for synchronous classroom lecture capture tools for online and on-campus
  • Christopher Lörscher (Physical Sciences): $679 for enhancing student retention through the use of online videos
  • Tracy Harbin and Aaron Hanlin (Social Sciences/Honors): $1,787.80 for Student Research Symposium support
  • Marshall Bryant and Karen Kaufman (DSS/Library): $1,000 for C-Pen reader/exam reader pen
  • Shellie Lewis (Center for Public Safety): $1,089 for Fire Academy student fall protection
  • Ira Locks (Construction): $1,687 for Seminole County High School student FTIC Recruitment Initiative
  • Jim Jollie (Center for Public Safety): $2,000 for Fire Academy state test exterior entry door prop
  • Azan Edoo (Automotive): $1,077.30 for PSC-550 S Kit (Midtronics Power Supply and Battery Charger)
  • Carlos Vasquez (Automotive): $1,877.97 for MDMAXTPMS Diagnostic Tool with associated modules
  • Jim Lee (Center for Public Safety): $2,000 for Fundamentals of Patrol Body Camera project

Spring 2017

  • Beverly Smith (Grindle Honors Institute): $320 for rebranding the Grindle Honors Institute Brochure
  • Joan Geile (School of Engineering, Design and Construction): $1,645.80 for student-built tiny house branding to showcase during events and tours
  • Kurt Esser (Raider Athletics): $2,000 for Raider Student-Athlete Recovery System
  • Paul Luby (Arts and Communication): $1,099.90 for Harriett's Theatre handheld and lavalier mics
  • Richard Harmon (Fine and Performing Arts): $1,982 for portable vinyl dance flooring for the performing arts program
  • Morgan Tracy (Library): $267 for card swipe stations for information literacy instruction
  • Eden Donahou (Mathematics): $285.75 for classroom set of VersaTiles for Engage, Enlighten, Empower, and Energize program
  • Karen Kaufmann & Hatem Akil (Library, QEP): $1,000 for READ to SUCCEED Student READ Poster Promotion
  • Hatem Akil (QEP): $699.99 for QEP Easels for Student Events
  • Douglas Anne Taylor (DOL TAACCCT TRAMCON Grant): $1,458.64 for TRAMCON Student/Employer Hiring Events
  • Michael McConville (Planetarium): $2,000 for Solar Eclipse Viewing Glasses
  • Lina Williams (Mathematics): $2,000 for the Louis Stokes Alliances for Minority Participation Program (LSAMP)
  • Carlos Vasquez (Energy and Automotive Technology): $1,949.85 for General Tools DCS1100 Borescope System with 4.9mm switchable front
  • James Cokos (Automotive): $1,955.70 for Advanced Technology Equipment Upgrade and Advancement

Fall 2016

  • Tod Benedict (Physical Sciences): $600 for Environmental Science field trip support
  • Marshall Bryant (Disability Support Services): $2,000 for a Portable Reading, Writing and Distance Video Magnifier
  • James Cokos (Automotive Technology): $1,760 for Automotive Driveline Power Flow Theory and Diagnostics
  • Mary Colon (Biological Sciences): $995 for Undergraduate STEM Field Research using camera trapping
  • Rafal Grudzien (Physical Sciences): $944 for Lewis Structure and VSEPR dry lab used for the general chemistry I laboratory 
  • Andrea Harrison (Altamonte Campus Student Affairs): $992.47 for Altamonte Financial Aid Improved Service through enhanced technology project
  • Jim Jollie (Public Safety): $698.50 for Fire Academy injury Safety Prevention
  • Christopher Lorscher (Physical Sciences): $1,000 for Honors Quantum Mechanics
  • Jaime Magnetico (Allied Health): $1,239.86 for Respiratory Therapy Equipment
  • Michael Miller (Physical Sciences): $600 for Laboratory Balance Replacement
  • Angela Nater (Public Safety): $1,746 for Portable Suction Units
  • Laila Nimri (Biological Sciences): $1,551.25 to explore the Central Nervous system of the Human Body
  • Holly Rodwick (Interior Design): $1,152.60 for Construction Site Safety Protection Equipment (i.e. hard hats, safety vests, protective eyewear)
  • Evodney Speed (Tutoring/Academic Success Center): $326.01 for SOMSO Neuron Models for enhanced academic learning and support
  • David Taylor (Biological Sciences): $1,268 for an Anatomy & Physiology Human Model

Spring 2016

  • Victoria Ackerman (Digital Media): $986 for digital media student supplies to create special pieces for portfolios
  • Jeffrey Adamson (DOL TAACCCT TRAMCON): $500 for TRAMCON Employer Engagement Luncheon
  • Natalie Clark (DOL TAACCCT TRAMCON): $1,000 for purchase of National Center for Construction Education and Research wallet cards
  • James Cokos (Automotive): $982.27 for automotive driver information and entertainment system operation diagnosis and repair
  • Steven de Zwart (Humanities): $600 for humanities resource text grant
  • Azan Edoo (Automotive): $600 for power windows system trainer
  • Michael J. Foster (Music): $1977.96 for music department social media IPAD initiative
  • Cheryl Knodel (Construction): $1,912 for construction toolsets for service learning projects
  • Christopher Lorscher (Physical Sciences): $2,000 for Oviedo Campus physics equipment update
  • Paul Luby (Arts & Communication): $1,449.13 for front of the house REP Plot Lights
  • Michael McConville (Planetarium): $1,693 for Planetarium Binoviewer Eyepiece Kit
  • Michael McCurdy (eLearning): $1,902.39 for Lecture Capture - Phase 2 "Capture Anywhere, Anytime"
  • Dorothy Mitchell-Danzy (Library): $1,436 for Dell Latitude Laptop
  • Michael Staley (Engineering, Design and Construction): $1,600.68 for Lecture Capturing Tools
  • Carlos Vasquez (Energy and Automotive Technology): $1,391.06 for Bosch Global Diagnostic Interface Tool
  • William (Bill) Warren (Construction and Design): $1,607 for Thunderbolt

Fall 2015

  • Susan Aten (Academic Foundations): $500 for manipulatives and technology for Adult High School math classrooms
  • Natalie Clark (Engineering, Design and Construction Grants): $1,980 for library of required MSSC-CPT textbooks for students participating in TRAMCON
  • Steven DeZwart (Humanities, History and Modern Languages): $1,788 for humanities resource texts grants
  • Derek Demeter (Planetarium): $1,974 for safety lighting for Planetarium outdoor programs
  • Richard Harmon (Fine and Performing Arts): $1,400 for wireless DMX lighting control Fine Arts Concert Hall and Theatre
  • Jim Jollie (Public Safety): $1,938 for Fire Academy Res-Q-Jack
  • Kathleen Lynch (Academic Success Center): $1,498.60 for blood cells model set and comprehensive male pelvis model
  • Angel Nater (Public Safety): $1,761 for electronic student portfolios
  • Terina Nusinov (Biological Sciences): $700 for camera trapping to engage undergraduates in research
  • Carlos Spears (Physical Sciences): $1,933 for determination of melting points of various chemical compounds
  • Erika Wayne (Library): $699 for interactive research app for students

Spring 2015

  • Barbara Greenwell (The Grindle Honors Institute): $1,125 for Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship Award preparation for honors students
  • Cheryl Ann Sherlock (Adult High School): $1,132 for the innovative interconnectivity utilizing Apple MacBook Air with current technologies
  • David Moradian (Center for Business, Legal Studies and Entrepreneurship): $2,000 for Seminole State Business Startup Entrepreneurship Competition
  • Diana Wenzel (Physical Science): $978.50 for Articulate Studio 13 Pro
  • Erin et al Cosentino (Altamonte Springs Student Servies): $720 for student bus passes
  • Evodney Speed (Tutoring Center - Academic Success Center): $722.50 for 27-part muscular model
  • Hugh Moore (Center for Business, Legal Studies and Entrepreneurship): $2,000 for Seminole State Business Startup Entrepreneurship Fair
  • Javier Du Quesne (Automotive): $1,997.97 for the Fluke 87V Digital Multimeter
  • Jeannette A. Steeves (School of Engineering, Design and Construction): $457 for model display lighting
  • Jeremy Mosure (Student Affairs): $1,555.02 for the Altamonte Springs Student Services project "iEfficiency," improved services through enhanced technology
  • Jessica Shearer (Nursing): $979.10 for the accreditation commission for education in Nursing self-study
  • Jim Jollie (Public Safety): $2,000 for fire training tower prop-building equipment
  • Lori Theodore (Nursing): $2,000 for the National League for Nursing Education summit
  • Loriann Wolff (Arts and Communication): $1,202 for theatre drapery
  • Michael P. McConville (Planetarium): $1,831 for a Planetarium Interactive Response System
  • Richard Harmon (Fine and Performing Arts): $1,718 for the Fine Arts Theatre video and photo display wall
  • Sherry Savrda (Physical Science): $581.91 for high-speed video analysis for the physics labs

Congratulations to all of our previous Mini-Grant recipients who were able to use the funds to directly impact student programs.

For more information about Foundation Mini-Grants, visit the Mini-Grant Program Web page


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