Power Outage

1. Safety and Security Dispatcher is alerted via call to Ext. 2178.

  • Dispatch Security officers to the site.
  • Officers at site assess situation, secure building, ensure evacuation, establish perimeter with barricades, control crowd - insure people do not enter area, summon medical assistance if necessary.
  • Alert Facilities Management.
  • Alert Marketing and Communications.
  • Answer/refer incoming calls.
  • Notify fire department if power outage is connected with a fire

2. Facilities Management

  • Assess situation/damage.
  • Secure utilities, as necessary.
  • Coordinate with appropriate agency regarding any downed power lines
  • Provide Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning support, as necessary.
  • Reset alarms and time clocks.
  • Post signage at emergency site to inform faculty/staff/students.
  • Establish telephone information hotline and update as needed.
  • Coordinate contractor`s activities with Safety and Security.
  • Provide HAZMAT information.
  • Observe/evaluate building evacuation.
  • Handle OSHA paperwork.
  • Complete damage assessment.
  • Support repair effort as needed.

3. Marketing and Communications

  • Alert appropriate top administrators.
  • Issue immediate statement acknowledging that the administration is aware of the incident and is investigating. More information will be released to the news media and the public as it becomes available.
  • Alert the Computing and Telecommunications Services Office.
  • Alert appropriate college departments.
  • Provide information to news media, and serve as information hub.
  • Assist Facilities Management with telephone hotline message.
  • Disseminate administrative decisions regarding the emergency.
  • Appoint a spokesperson for the incident.

4. Emergency Management Team

  • Review situation assessments and updates as they become available.
  • Authorize relocation or cancellation of classes, if necessary.
  • Authorize relocation or closing of staff offices, if necessary.
  • Coordinate initial meeting - team leader.

5. Room Reservations

  • Respond to administrative decision to cancel/relocate classes and other activities.

6. Facility users/building occupants

  • If directed to do so by Safety and Security or members of Emergency Management Team, evacuate building and move to Emergency Meeting Area for affected building.

7. Seminole County Fire Department

  • Respond to situation if power outage is associated with fire.


Miguel Sierra