Community Disaster- On Campus

Emergency Response Plan

Safety and Security Dispatcher is alerted via campus call, ext. 2178 (407.708.2178) from an off-campus phone or cell phone or 911 call.

  • Dispatch officers to scene.
  • Complete first-responder assessment.
  • Alert off-campus Emergency Responders.
  • Alert appropriate college departments.
  • Handle traffic/crowd control.

Emergency Responders

  • Respond to situation.
  • Provide medical assistance.
  • Clear building(s) for re-entry.
  • Provide official incident information for news media.

Facilities Management

  • Secure utilities, as necessary.
  • Provide Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning support, as necessary.
  • Post signage at emergency site to inform faculty/staff/students.
  • Provide HAZMAT information.

Marketing and Communications

  • Alert appropriate top administrators.
  • Issue immediate statement acknowledging that administration is aware of the incident and is investigating, more information will be released to the news media and the public as it becomes available.
  • Alert appropriate college departments.
  • Provide information to news media and serve as information hub.
  • Establish telephone information hotline and updates as needed.
  • Disseminate administrative decisions regarding the emergency.
  • Appoint a spokesperson for the incident.

Emergency Management Team

  • Review situation assessments and updates as they become available.
  • Authorize relocation or cancellation of classes, if necessary.
  • Authorize relocation or closing of staff offices, if necessary.
  • Coordinate initial meeting - team leader.

Room Reservations

  • Respond to administrative decision to cancel/relocate classes and other activities.

Facility users/Building occupants

  • If directed to do so by Safety and Security or members of Emergency Management Team, evacuate building and move to Emergency Meeting Area for affected building.


Miguel Sierra