Emergency Response Plan

Emergency planning is critical to the health and welfare of members of the Seminole State College community. Its purpose is to provide a response to threats.

This plan outlines the general areas of responsibility for Seminole State College departments charged with responding to emergencies. Detailed emergency procedures are contained in individual departmental emergency response plans, which will be executed, as appropriate, during emergency situations. This Emergency Response Plan provides an overarching framework for the coordination of specific departmental plans.

This outline is arranged by emergency type. Many response steps are identical, regardless of the type of emergency, but there are some variations. The general response outline in the introduction of this plan provides an overview of the functions of each campus' emergency response unit.

The Emergency Response Team, under the College's vice president of information technology and resources/CIO, produced this plan and provides guidance for its implementation:

  • Vice President for Business Operations/CFO: Joe Mazur
  • Vice President of Information Technology and Resources/CIO: Dick Hamann
  • Vice President of Academic Affairs: Laura Ross
  • Vice President of Marketing and Strategic Communications/PIO: Kate Henry
  • Associate Vice President, Human Resources: Mae Ashby
  • Interim Associate Vice President, Financial Services: Sandra Lochner
  • Campus Dean: Jeffery Gibbs
  • Director, Campus Safety and Security: Miguel Sierra
  • Manager, Public Relations, Media Relations & Institutional Communications/PIO: Mark Richardson
  • Communications Coordinator/PIO: Kimberly Allen
  • Director of Facilities: Douglas Bentley
  • Director of Counseling and Advising: Deborah Lynch
  • General Counsel: Paul Carland
  • Associate Dean, Center for Public Safety: Alexander Toth
  • Manager, Adult Education: Michael Woodson
  • Building Manager, Oviedo and Geneva: Bart Luscuskie
  • Building Manager, Altamonte Springs and Heathrow: Chris Lemm
  • Facilities Operations Manager, Sanford/Lake Mary Campus: Vacant
  • Manager, Risk Assessment, Environmental Health, Safety & Compliance:  Julie Overstreet
  • Environmental Health and Safety Coordinator: Vacant

Administrative Chain of Authority

In the event of an emergency, the chain of authority for administrative decision-making is as follows:

  1. President or a designate (normally the vice president of information technology and resources/CIO; otherwise, a substitute will be identified)
  2. Vice President, Academic Affairs
  3. Chief of Security; Campus administrators may initiate decisions for their facilities (as follows)
  4. Campus Dean, Oviedo Campus
  5. Campus Dean, Altamonte Springs Campus

Administrative decisions that relate to emergency situations, such as the decision to cancel classes, send employees home or close the College, are made by the top-ranking available person in the administrative chain of authority or the administrator of an area campus, based on input from reporting agents, appropriate administrators (if available) and the Seminole State Emergency Response Team.


Miguel Sierra