Anyone who becomes aware of a life-threatening emergency on a Seminole State College campus should call 911 from a campus telephone and report the situation to the Safety and Security Office. Emergency Callers must dial 911. (Callers from off-campus phones, cell phones, or pay phones on campus should dial 407.708.2178 to report any on-campus, life-threatening emergency.)

Anyone who becomes aware of a non-life-threatening emergency (for instance, a power outage) should call Safety and Security at 407.708.2178.

The Safety and Security Dispatcher will contact the Chief of Security and the chair of Seminole State's Emergency Response Team and they will coordinate the initial response to on-campus emergencies by calling public emergency services (if necessary), Facilities Management, and Seminole State Marketing and Communications (please see Response Outline below).

Potential Life-threatening Emergencies

There are many types of emergencies that may arise on the college campus. Among them are the following:

  • Fire/smoke/burning smell
  • Bomb threat
  • Weather/Natural emergencies (high wind, flash flood)
  • Civil disturbance on campus (riot, public disturbance)
  • Community disaster on campus (airplane crash)
  • Medical emergency
  • Unknown odor
  • Potential Non-life-threatening Emergencies
  • Power outage
  • Community disaster off campus (hotel fire, weather disaster, etc., in which the community wishes to use campus facilities for temporary housing, etc.)
  • Public health crisis (epidemic)

General Response Outline

  •  Call the Safety and Security Office
    • Anyone who detects an emergency situation or suspects that one exists must call 911 and the Safety and Security Office immediately at ext. 2178 from a campus phone (407.708.2178 from an off-campus phone, cell phone, or on-campus pay phone) for life-threatening emergencies, and Safety and Security at ext. 2178 for non-life-threatening emergencies.

  •  Safety and Security Dispatcher
    • Dispatch Safety and Security; alert Seminole County Sheriff's Office, Seminole County Fire Department, The City of Oviedo Fire Department, Altamonte Springs Fire Rescue, Fire Department, Bomb Squad, as appropriate.
    • Alert Facilities Management (if appropriate).
    • Alert Seminole State College Community Relations and Marketing.

  •  Facilities Management
    • Alert appropriate maintenance crews to respond to the specific incident.
    • Alert Computing and Telecommunications Services Office or on-call representative of that office.
    • Provide appropriate on-site service.

  •  Marketing and Communications
    • Alert appropriate top administrators.
    • Alert appropriate college departments.
    • Alert local news media.
    • Receive situation updates and take appropriate actions.
    • Issue public statements, as needed, regarding the emergency and the college's response.

  •  Emergency Management Team
    • Review initial situation assessments from Safety and Security, Facilities Management, off-campus responders.
    • Make administrative decisions regarding the short-range and long-range response to the emergency.
    • Coordinate initial meeting - Team Leader.


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