Blue & Gold Circle

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The Blue & Gold Circle is an annual giving club created specifically for faculty and staff who have generously decided to give back to the College.

Through the Blue & Gold Circle, you can donate to the College's areas of greatest need or to a particular program or scholarship of your choice. Donations can be made in one payment or in intervals through payroll deduction.

Point. Click. Give. Change Lives!

How Does My Gift Benefit Seminole State?

Your participation in the Blue & Gold Circle helps our students by:

  • Contributing to more than 630 student scholarships
  • Increasing the number of faculty and staff Mini-Grants awarded, as well as the amount given
  • Enhancing College facilities
  • Funding the purchase of instructional equipment

Matching Gifts

Corporate gift-matching programs offer a simple solution for faculty and staff who wish to increase the impact of their personal gifts. Through these programs, companies match the charitable contributions of their employees and their spouses.

Please ask your spouse to inquire with his or her company's human resources department about corporate gift-matching, or ask the Foundation for a list of participating organizations.

For more information on the Blue & Gold Circle, contact the Foundation for Seminole State College:

Phone: 407.708.4567
Location: Heathrow Campus (HEA-209)

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