First-Year Milestones and Resources

First-Year Milestones

The First Generation Program Office has created a guide to help first-year students identify what needs to be accomplished during their first two semesters of college and how to succeed at Seminole State College of Florida.

First Term

  1. Connect with our community and navigate the system. Regularly access and use Seminole State's communications tools: MySeminoleState, student email, student info, Seminole State's Facebook and Twitter pages, and Seminole State Text for alerts via text message. Also connect with your assigned advisor by introducing yourself via email, or stop by the office to say hello!
  2. Develop your plan. Meet with your assigned advisor by the mid-point of your first term to discuss your interests, goals and academic majors of interest; develop a formal educational plan for your chosen major; get advice on deciding a major; and discuss questions and concerns.
  3. Manage your learning, and plan your schedule. Learn about your current learning strategies/study skills, be aware of your current grades in your courses, and find resources that will help you address any areas of need. Use MySeminoleState to build your own class schedule and register for your next term.
  4. Complete your courses. Complete all courses you attempt with a grade of "C" or higher. Work with your instructors and assigned advisor if you are concerned about your grades to help you improve. Don't forget to visit the Academic Success Center (tutoring) regularly throughout the term!

Second Term

  1. Confirm/revise your educational plan and career goals. Continue to meet with your assigned advisor by the mid-point of your second term, and make adjustments to your educational plan and career goals when necessary. Confirm your intended major before completion of 30 credit hours. Begin to consider transfer and/or career options, and visit the Career Development Center for career exploration assistance!
  2. Be active! Get involved in the many social, academic and career-oriented activities and events on campus, and meet other students. Opportunities include, volunteer and leadership activities, clubs and more. Being actively involved on campus can also be a great résumé booster!
  3. Complete your courses! Continue to complete all courses you attempt with a grade "C" or higher (shoot for A's)! To remain in good academic and financial aid standing (standards of progress), you need to maintain a GPA of 2.0 or higher and complete 67 percent of the classes you attempt. Also, be sure you don't exceed the maximum credit hours needed for your academic program.


The First Generation Program Office has compiled the following list of resources to help you find your way at Seminole State and learn about the services offered to students.


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