Frontline Staff and Faculty

Level 1:

Disruptive Students/Classroom Management

  • Consult with colleagues
  • Consult with associate dean or dean of your area.
  • Adjunct Mentoring program.

Level 2:

Disruptive Students/Referral to Student Conduct Officer

Student Conduct Officers:

  • M. Bermejo — x6014, ALT 0113
  • L. Garrett — x6060, ALT A344D (Des)
  • M. Woodson - x2117, SLM B0114C
  • F. Bonjione — x2579, SLM B-0227 (Des)
  • G. Fortunato — x2866, SLM/HEA A100 O
  • D. Hamann — x2258, V110D (Des)
  • R. Pawlowski — x5010, OVI F102F


Distressed Students

  • Dean of Students or their designee (see above for contact information)

Threat of Immediate Danger!

  • CALL 911!


If you are a current student and would like to contact your assigned advisor, log in to your MySeminoleState account and click on the Academic Records tile. On the left navigation menu click on "Advisors" and your advisor’s contact information will be displayed. 

If you are interested in becoming a student, please email your questions to