Tutoring and Study Skills

Tutoring and Study Skills at the Academic Success Center

The tutoring areas in every Academic Success Center (ASC) location feature peer tutors, paraprofessionals and instructional support specialists who not only tutor students in course-specific skills and concepts, but also suggest valuable study skills and strategies for mastering course content.

Perhaps the single-most challenging — and also most crucial — competency students must acquire in college is the development of a personal study system that allows them to get results. To assist in this process, the ASC offers general advice that helps students get the most out of every tutoring session and become more in control of their success outside the ASC and the classroom.

How to Get the Most from Each Tutoring Session

  • Students should visit the ASC early in the term and come often throughout the term.
  • Students should come prepared by having a specific goal in mind for each tutoring visit. They also should come prepared by bringing their textbooks, class notes, past exams or papers, course syllabus, assignment directions and class handouts. Doing so will help the ASC's tutors address students' specific course-related needs.
  • Students should attempt class and/or homework assignments on their own before attending a tutoring session. By working independently to the best of their ability prior to tutoring, students will have a better understanding of their knowledge and skills and be able to maximize each tutoring session by focusing on areas where they truly struggle.
  • Students should attend class regularly. ASC tutors are unable to "teach" the materials instructors properly present in class.
  • Students must actively participate in every tutoring session. Learning is not a passive process; to "learn" is to "do."

Student Resources

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