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Student Learning Outcomes

Statement of Intention 

The Seminole State College experience provides a holistic framework to help students prepare for their career fields and to navigate their daily lives as collaborative members of the community. Beyond imparting formal knowledge, the goal of college is to help students engage with the world in all its diversity. A Seminole State education is thus intended to be a transformation, allowing students to become the fullest and brightest expressions of themselves. 

Information Literacy
Discovering, interpreting, evaluating, and using information appropriately in creating new knowledge and practicing life-long learning.

Application of Knowledge
Working individually or collaboratively to think critically, generate new ideas, and formulate solutions to problems through quantitative and qualitative reasoning.  

Creative Thinking
Giving expressive shape to ideas and gaining an appreciation for innovation and creativity. 

Effective Communication
Actively listening and respectfully exchanging ideas in verbal, non-verbal, and written formats with consideration for audience and context. 

Cultural Competence
Understanding cultural identity, valuing diversity, and committing to equity through the continuous pursuit of the knowledge, awareness, and skills needed to effectively engage in cross-cultural interactions and foster inclusion. 

Ethical Reasoning
Assessing values within a broader social context in order to recognize and analyze how different perspectives can be applied to ethical dilemmas.  

Civic Responsibility
Developing an increased awareness and actively participating in addressing civic, social, environmental, and global issues.  

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