How to Request Funds for Faculty Travel Related to Teaching and Learning

The Faculty Center has a limited amount of travel funding in its budget. These funds are reserved for full-time faculty and the director of the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning (who is a faculty member on temporary appointment) for use during the each fiscal year (July 1-June 30). Our goal is to fund faculty members whose conference travel is related to teaching and learning, which is the focus of the Faculty Center.

Requests made for funding are not automatically granted, and verbal requests are not accepted. Awards tend to cover registration fees (generally under $500), and there is an expectation that department and SPD funds will also be used when available to support the additional costs of travel. Faculty members may make more than one request to the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning during the year.

If you are traveling this year and you think that your conference travel is relatable to teaching and learning, please contact/consult Lottie Washington, office supervisor of the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning to confirm availability of funds and appropriateness of travel.

If funds are available, you will then submit the FCTL Request for Travel Funds , the Travel Authorization Form that has been signed by your Dean and supporting documentation to the FCTL director for review and signature.

Preference will be given to faculty who actively participate in Faculty Center events. Faculty members who accept funding from the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning should be prepared to plan or participate in a workshop to share the knowledge with colleagues.

Please note that all of the College’s policies and procedures on travel apply. The requested information is not in lieu of the travel authorization form. Your dean and your AVP (and, in the case of national travel, the VP of Academic Affairs) still have to approve your travel. If you have any questions regarding the travel policy, you can find more information at the Office of Finance and Budget's Travel page.

Requests for funding cannot be made retroactively. Generally speaking, travel fund requests should be made at least two to three months in advance.


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