Adjunct Faculty Award for Excellence


To recognize and reward excellence among adjunct faculty at Seminole State College of Florida.


A number of $750.00 awards will be distributed among adjunct faculty within the College's four schools, with preference for recognizing at least one (1) outstanding adjunct faculty member from each school.  


The funding for this award will be provided by the Foundation for Seminole State College of Florida.


The application process will begin in January/February. Finalists may be asked to meet with the selection committee and/or members of the Foundation board. Selection of award recipients will take place in April. Awards will be announced in late April.


In order to be considered for an award, the adjunct faculty member must have:

  • Employment with the College as an adjunct faculty member during Spring term of award distribution.
  • Taught 4 out of the 7 most recent terms.
  • Accumulated at least 375 contact hours and/or taught at least 10 courses or labs for the College.
  • Good standing within their respective department(s).

Adjunct professors who received this award within the past five years are excluded from eligibility.

Selection Criteria

Award recipients should:

  • Demonstrate commitment to high academic standards.
  • Engage students in a relevant and meaningful way.
  • Respect students, their ideas, and opinions.
  • Retain subject matter expertise and enthusiasm.
  • Participate in professional development activities.
  • Adhere to College policy and procedure.

Materials Required

In order to be considered for an award, applicants will need to submit the information below. For the items in bold, please use the forms in the Applicant Materials packet which  you can download here.

  • Cover Page that includes name, EmplID, department, and a statement as to why you should receive the AFAE.
  • Curriculum Vitae or Resume.
  • Statement of Teaching Philosophy or Approach to Teaching (300 word limit).
  • Description of a class exercise or activity used to engage and/or motivate students.  Please include the results/lesson learned by you as the instructor and how it impacted future lessons/activities (300 word limit).
  • List of professional development activities within the last 3 years.
  • Supporting documentation not listed above. Optional
    • e.g. Letter(s) of support/recommendation submitted by a faculty member(s) from the nominee's department or by any college employee

Required information collected by Selection Committee:

  • Four rounds of SPOI's from previous semesters (requested from IR by Faculty Center Director).
  • Comments/Support from respective supervisor (online form).

Completed applications (see materials required) should be forwarded to the Director of the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning via email.

2024 Adjunct Faculty Award for Excellence Recipients

  • Jacqueline Clegg - Foreign Language
  • Charna Iommetti - Social Sciences
  • Jerome M. Juska - Business Information Management

Past Recipients

  • Anthony Baker -  English
  • Susan Bitar - Allied Health
  • Meagan O'Connell - Center for English Language Studies
  • Samuel Davis-Mathematics
  • Erica Grundei - English & ESL
  • Karen Marcarelli - Allied Health
  • David Morton - History


  • Sandra Davidson - Business Administration, Social Sciences
  • Tamra Martin - English
  • Alice Sanders - Communications


  • Kim Mancas - Biology
  • James Sanders – Information Technology
  • Margaret Staton – Social Sciences
  • Sara Tusek - English


  • Sharon Mutugi - Business, Legal Studies and Entrepreneurship, School of Academic Foundations and Mathematics Departments
  • Jeremy Hill – Legal Studies
  • Suzanne Green - Humanities


  • Jamie Brickley -Healthcare Professions
  • Carrie Woods - Humanities
  • Leanna Thomas - Humanities
  • Eric Basilo - Mathematics
  • Tiffany Daniels – Social Sciences
  • Louise Dotson - Nursing


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