Endowed Teaching Chair Semi-Finalists

The semi-finalists in the 2022 Endowed Teaching Chair selection process are as follows:

  • Marisol De Jesus Berrios,
    Biological Science
  • Jeanne Diehl-Shaffer,
    Interior Design
  • Debra Fahey,
    Health Sciences
  • Ekaterina Goussakova,
    English EAP
  • Jamie Magnetico-Walsh,
    Respiratory Care
  • Michael Mendoza,
  • Kathryn Rivera,
    Interior Design
  • Marwan Shaban,
    Computer Program & Analysis
  • David Taylor,
    Biological Science
  • Neil Vaz,

As part of the selection process, we value the input from colleagues on the semi-finalists. Please take a few moments to fill out the faculty/staff survey for any or all of the semi-finalists. The survey closes on Monday, February 13, 2023.

Please note that while you will have to log in to access the survey, all comments are anonymous.  You will have to close your browser window each time you finish a survey to access the survey again for a different semi-finalist.

For a brief overview about the process, please view the presentation.


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