Screening Committee Membership Guidelines and Term Limits

The screening committee for the Endowed Teaching Chair and Faculty Excellence awards is comprised of nine (9) faculty members. They represent the three schools of the College, and they serve for a three-year term, with three members rotating off the committee each year.

New members are selected through an open call process with names forwarded to both the current members of the screening committee and the Vice President for Academic Affairs. The current members of the screening committee can offer review of the candidates and commentary to the VP of Academic Affairs; however, the VP of Academic Affairs makes the selection of new members each year.

Structure of Committee

The committee shall be comprised of the following members:

  • 5 faculty members from the School of Arts and Sciences
  • 2 faculty members from the School of Business, Health, and Public Safety
  • 2 faculty members from the School of Construction, Design,  Engineering & Information Technologies

This allocation of seats reflects proportional representation of our full-time faculty at-large by academic school.

If a screening committee member is nominated and chooses to accept the nomination for a teaching award, he or she must resign from the screening committee. A replacement will be selected as defined by the process above before the committee meets for the first time to screen nominations. This replacement will serve out the remainder of the original term of that seat.

Committee Officers

The screening committee shall officially appoint a chair at the debriefing meeting at the end of each year. The chair typically has served as vice-chair at least one-year prior.

A chair may be appointed to serve for more than one annual term provided that a majority of the screening committee members are in agreement.

The vice-chair shall be appointed at the last meeting of the year. The vice-chair shall preside at all meetings in the absence of the chair.

Each officer shall hold office until his or her successor is appointed.

Term Limits

Each screening committee member is appointed to serve for a three-year term. After the term is complete, the faculty member must take a one-year hiatus from the committee but is eligible to serve another three-year term in the future.

If a member has filled a vacancy, the faculty shall complete the remainder of the original term and then take a one year hiatus before being eligible again to serve another term.

Workload of the Screening Committee

The vast majority of the screening committee work occurs in the spring semester.  The purpose of the screening committee is to vet nominations for both the Endowed Teaching Chair and Faculty Excellence Awards. They do not select the winners of the awards. They forward up to eight (8) candidates for a final interview with a select group of the Foundation Board members. The Foundation Board members have the responsibility of selecting the award recipients.


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