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Bookstore Manager Contacts

  • Altamonte Springs
    Amber Clark   407.404.6165
  • Oviedo
    Scott Edwards & Edwin Dominguez   407.971.5165
  • Sanford/Lake Mary, Heathrow and online classes
    Edwin Dominguez  407.708.2317
  • Textbook Manager   407.708.3682
  • To contact the bookstore, call 407.708.2021:
    Press 1 – Financial Aid Dates and Information
    Press 2 - Book rentals, refunds and book buy-back
    Press 3 – Altamonte Springs Campus Bookstore
    Press 5 – Sanford/Lake Mary, Lee Campus at Oviedo, and Heathrow Campus bookstore

Fall 2023

Spring 2024

Summer 2024

Schedule Building Timeline


November 10 through February 16

Summer 2024 scheduling begins. Departments can reserve in their priority rooms. Please refer to the corresponding priority room list distributed with the Summer 2024 schedule building timeline.

November 10

Course-related meetings and events can be reserved in TIM in designated priority rooms and in non-classroom spaces (ex. SLM C110A & C110B).

Note: Any requests for non class-related meetings in classroom spaces made before May 13, 2024 must first be approved by the appropriate campus provost or the Manager of Academic Scheduling.

February 19 through March 8

‘Open season’. Classes and class related meetings can be scheduled in any available classroom.

February 15

Per the Textbook Affordability and Adoption Procedure (5.2100) textbook adoptions for Summer 2024 are due by this date.

March 8

Schedule building is locked for review by 5:00pm. Only instructor and workload changes can be made by departments afterward. Any other changes must be performed by the Manager of Academic Scheduling.

March 12

By end of the day, departments are requested have all active sections staffed in PeopleSoft - unless the intended instructor is involved in an ongoing hiring, human resources, or credentialing process.

March 25

Registration begins for student groups (Veterans, Disability, Honors, Student Life and Athletes).

March 26

Registration begins for all degree-seeking returning students.

March 28

Registration begins for all new, non-degree and dual enrollment students.

May 13

Full session and A session classes begin.

May 13

Classrooms can be openly requested for non class-related meetings.

June 24

A session classes end.

June 26

B session classes begin.

August 7

Full & B classes end.

Summer 2024 Priority Room List

Miscellaneous Schedule Building Documents

Note: Please check the TIM System for the most up-to-date information regarding room utilization and availability.

For additional assistance contact:

2023-24 Textbook Adoption/Validation Schedule

TermClasses StartScheduling BeginsCollege
Email Begins

GenEd Core Syllabi
Fall 2023
Full, A8.  -
Spring 2024
Full, A1.  -  10.20.2310.15.2310.25.2311.24.23
Summer 2024
Full, A5.13.2411.6.23 -