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The Seminole State Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning provides opportunities for all College faculty to engage in professional development activities that respect the talents and expertise that faculty bring to the classroom.


The mission of the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning is to:

  • Promote professional development in discipline areas and instructional strategies to enhance student learning and success
  • Provide training to faculty on effective methods for evaluating implemented instructional strategies
  • Support faculty in its ongoing quest to be sensitive to multicultural issues
  • Act as a central resource for teaching and learning material
  • Provide opportunities for new faculty and adjuncts to become oriented to Seminole State
  • Provide a collegial space for faculty to collaborate on teaching and learning projects
  • Recognize faculty achievements and excellence

Faculty Advisory Committee

The Center's faculty Advisory Committee helps in the selection of professional activities and teaching/learning resources beneficial to faculty and relevant to student retention and success.

Advisory Board members 2023-24

  • Sandra Alzate- Foreign Language
  • Jason Anfinsen – Library
  • Susan Aten - Math
  • Doreen Collins – Psychology
  • Nicole Copemann- Health Information
  • Michael Gennaro - History
  • Frankie Huff – English
  • Lori Hunter - Nursing
  • Cricket Moore – Paramedic
  • Simone Nelson - Biological Science
  • James Quatrini - Welding
  • Cheryl Sherlock – Computer Programming
  • Stacy Tanner – Humanities

Faculty Center Location

The Faculty Center is located in building L, room 128 on the Sanford/Lake Mary Campus. The Adjunct Faculty work space, with access to computers, supplies and a printer, is located in L-130. 


Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning