Rate of Pursuit for Monthly Stipend

The VA calculates the amount of monetary entitlement based on the amount of credits taken during a standard semester, defined by the VA as 15-18 weeks in length.

Standard semester calculation (15-18 weeks):

  • 3 credits per semester is less than half-time
  • 6 credits per semester is half-time
  • 7 credits per semester is more than half-time
  • 12 credits per semester is full-time

Undergraduate semesters may run shorter than a standard semester; therefore, the following formula can be used to determine the entitlement eligibility for courses taken:

18 x the number of credits taken, divided by the length of the semester, measured in weeks.

18 x 4=72.  72/6=12

Example Explained:

You have registered for one, 4-credit course, for a total of 4 credits, which run for 6 weeks.

18 x 4 (# of credits) = 72. 

Divide 72 by 6 (# of weeks)

Equals 12 (credit hour equivalent in full semester).

Using the above example, the VA would consider 4 undergraduate credit hours at to be equivalent to 12 credits, or full-time attendance, for that semester.

Note that the above only applies to undergraduate courses, as graduate credit differs greatly.


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