Welcome Back 2022

Welcome Back will take place on Wednesday August 17, 2022


8:15 - 9:00 am

Breakfast and coffee at Sanford/Lake Mary campus

  • Multipurpose Room C-110A/B
9:00 - 10:00 am

Academic Affairs Kickoff

  • Assembly Hall C-108
10:10 - 11:10 amSession A Faculty Center Professional Development Workshops
11:20 - 12:20 pmSession B Faculty Center Professional Development Workshops
12:20 - 1:10 pmGrab and Go Lunch
  • 3rd floor L-Building
1:20 - 2:20 pmSession C Faculty Center Professional Development Workshops
2:20 - 3:20 pmAfternoon coffee and dessert reception
  • 1st floor L-Building atrium
3:30 - 4:30 pmFaculty Senate/UFF Update
  • Assembly Hall C-108

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Session A Workshops: 10:10 - 11:10 am
A1 From Objectives to Assessments: Planning Your Course in 4 Easy Steps

What do you want your learners to know? How will your learners learn? How will you know the learners have learned? Proper course alignment ensures that students learn what you intend, and you accurately assess what students are learning. Learn how to create and align learning objectives, learning activities, and assessments in four steps. Faculty who will be helping their department re-write course objectives this fall semester are strongly encouraged to attend. Faculty who teach online and want to earn a Quality or High Quality rating are also strongly encouraged to attend.

Dr. Ashley Navarro

A2 A Guide to Transforming Curriculum Course from Book Publisher to OER

Higher Education costs keep increasing. This cost increase creates inequities, preventing low-income populations from gaining a higher education and the benefits that come with a college degree. This presentation will focus on how a course can be transformed from leveraging a book from a publisher to one based on Open Education Resources. The presentation will focus on conducting research on OER material and mapping that material to course design and learning objectives.

Albert Miranda

A3 It’s Not Me, it’s You: Managing Conflict with Coworkers

We spend a large amount of our time on the job and disagreements with coworkers are likely to occur. In this workshop, participants discuss common on-the-job conflicts and how to address conflict in a manner that is conducive to a welcoming and productive work environment.

Barbara Coleman-Foster

A4 Becoming a Student-Ready Program: A Nursing and Library Partnership

After seeing improvements in work from students who sought help from a librarian, the BSN faculty partnered with the library to create the Scholarly Resources for Nursing course. Learn how incorporating the new course allowed faculty to focus on course content instead of teaching students research and APA style format.

Elena Soltau, Dr. Lori Hunter, Dr. Lyne Chamberlain
A5 Holistic Student Support: Addressing the Individual Needs of our Students

A holistic approach meets students where they are and addresses their individual needs. Come learn about some of the resources available to our students and who and where to refer them.

Mercedes Bermejo

A6 At the Crossroads: DSS, Counseling, and Student Conduct

The Office of Student Conduct, Disability Support Services, and Counseling and Advising are teaming up to present some Do's and Don’ts of working with students with disabilities in our offices. This presentation will also provide resources to faculty and staff to support the engagement and interaction with these students.

Briyanna Jenkins, Dr. Geraldine Perez, Dalia Fox

A7 Remote Proctoring with Respondus

Respondus is one of the two remote proctoring tools that can be used for online assessments at the college. During this presentation, you will become familiar with the features of both Respondus Monitor (visual proctoring) and Respondus Lockdown Browser, how to easily create a quiz/exam using Respondus, and how to interpret the results. Information will be shared on student and faculty resources available to assist with Respondus and how to contact Respondus Support both before and during a proctoring session.

Ryan Wilcox

A8 eLearning Minute ClinicsThe eLearning department will host Minute Clinics throughout the day, giving you an opportunity to stop by and ask for guidance on last minute adjustments to your Canvas course, adding OASIS syllabus to your course, or other eLearning tools before the new semester begins.
Session B Workshops: 11:20 am - 12:20 pm
B1 Continuing Contract and Tenure PortfolioFaculty who are on track to earn continuing contract must put together a tenure portfolio as part of the process. This is a chance for faculty members to craft their narrative and make the case for earning continuing contract. During this presentation, faculty will receive practical tips and suggestions while learning about the desired formats for what their documentation should include. This workshop is geared towards faculty who will be under consideration for continuing contract during this academic year.

Amee Mehta
B2 Meeting of the Minds: a Bachelors SIG
This presentation is for program managers and faculty teaching (or soon to be teaching) in the SSC bachelor degree programs. Florida was the leader in allowing community colleges to offer bachelor degrees. SSC now has 11! This is an interactive opportunity to network by sharing best practices, supporting new programs, and developing relationships. Bring at least one question and one innovative practice from your program.

Dr. Lyne Chamberlain, Dr. Ashley Navarro
B3 Laziness Doesn’t Exist but Hidden Barriers DoWe have all struggled to understand why students miss assignments, don’t come to class, procrastinate when taking exams, etc. We may judge these student behaviors through a negative lens and characterize them as lazy. But what if we responded to these ineffective behaviors with curiosity and not judgment? What if we tried to identify a situational context that is precipitating these barriers to success? This talk will explore the hidden barriers to success encountered during student interactions.

Simone Nelson
B4 Making an OER Idea an OER Reality
You may have heard of OERs and considered their merit... but are you still wondering how to actually put your ideas into action? The choices and possibilities that you'll encounter can be overwhelming! In this session we’ll discuss how to turn your class materials into tangible open educational resources. Bring a textbook, video, or anything you’d like to examine, and we’ll use this time to talk next steps in your process with OER advocates from around the college.

Ross Martin
B5 Emotional Intelligence: I Think. I Feel. I Can.
Emotional intelligence refers to the capability to recognize and manage one’s own emotions, as well as handle the emotions of others empathetically. It incorporates emotional awareness, or the capability to recognize and name one’s own emotions; the ability to harness those emotions and relate them to responsibilities like thinking and problem solving; and the critical ability to direct emotions appropriately. This information session will examine this concept to increase self-awareness, self-management, and explore possible outcomes in the workplace in hopes to better connect efficiently and successfully.

Dr. Scott Freeman and Dr. Doreen Collins
B6 We Have That? A Tour of Online Library Resources
Sure, you know that the college libraries have books, and maybe you even know that they have eBooks. But did you know that the libraries also have children's books, graphic novels, streaming videos, online magazines and audiobooks, board games, and a wealth of information databases? Come to this session to discover all that the libraries have to offer!

Morgan Tracy
B7 Overview of Changes in Student Affairs
Student Affairs has gone through many changes in the last year. This presentation will focus on changes in leadership and processes in Student Affairs so faculty understand how we are helping students succeed.

Dr. Johnny Craig
B8 Navigating EAB Navigate: Cultivating Student SuccessNavigate correlates well with Seminole State’s 2025 Strategic Plan, aligning with several strategic goals and strategies. Navigate will serve as the vehicle or catalyst that will facilitate the implementation of a comprehensive guided pathways framework to easily engage with students in a proactive, individualized and holistic manner. As such, the implementation of this student success management system is a collegewide effort involving multiple departments and benefiting everyone from students to administrators. Everyone involved will have access to tools and features that provide smart guidance to keep students on the pathway to completing courses and earning credentials. Join us to learn how utilizing navigate can help transform the student experience through progress surveys, early alerts, texting, and appointment scheduling.

Dr. Lisa Valentino, Dr. Geoff Fortunato
B9 Conduct & Community: An Overview of the SSC Student Conduct ProcessThis presentation will go over the revised code of conduct and changes to the College's student conduct process. The presentation includes revisions to the 2022-2023 Code of Conduct and recommendations from faculty on how to work with the Office of Student Conduct.

Briyanna Jenkins, Dr. Michael Gennaro, Barbara Coleman-Foster
B10 Engaging Students with Regular and Substantive InteractionsEngaging with students has been shown to increase retention and success rates. Beyond these two important metrics, it is also a federal requirement to hold Regular and Substantive Interactions with online students. This session will outline the requirements to meet RSI, along with SSC faculty developed best practices and guidelines. If you teach online courses, you are highly encouraged to attend.

Dr. Brian Crose, Marisabel Irizarry
B11  eLearning Minute ClinicsThe eLearning department will host Minute Clinics throughout the day, giving you an opportunity to stop by and ask for guidance on last minute adjustments to your Canvas course, adding OASIS syllabus to your course, or other eLearning tools before the new semester begins.
Session C Workshops: 1:20 - 2:20 pm
C1 Navigating the Distinguished Professor ProcessAll Seminole State faculty with at least 15 years of full-time experience since receiving Continuing Contract status are eligible to apply for the optional rank of Distinguished Professor. Those participating in this presentation have completed the process and will share our experiences, hoping to encourage others to do the same. We will discuss the required portfolio, the required presentation, and answer any questions that participants might have.

Deborah Mead, Laura Dickinson, Jenny Middleton
C2 PowerPoints that Don't Suck
Over the years, PowerPoint has gained a bad reputation. There’s even a trending hashtag #DeathbyPowerPoint on Twitter and Instagram. Learn how to avoid death by PowerPoint by following established design tips. Well developed presentations are a great way to connect with your audience. Bad PowerPoint slides are easier to avoid than you might think.

Les Lusk
C3 Chemistry, Information Literacy, & APA Style: Using Academic Writer Across the Curriculum
This presentation will define and introduce information literacy (IL) reflecting the ACRL Framework for IL for Higher Education and the SSC IL SLO. Academic Writer allows for scaffolding of writing; students create their Research Lab Notebook using an Empirical Paper template. Using Canvas to provide direct access to the database and additional supporting materials; students can collaborate, download, or share copies of their papers. The writing and research process can be transferred to other disciplines.  

Dr. Joanne Bedlek-Anslow, Dr. Karen Kaufmann
C4 Cases and Statutes and Regs - Oh, My! A Dissection and Discussion of Five Recent Legal Developments That Have Captured The Nation's Attention
We'll take a temperate, measured look at different sides of five recent legal developments that have been the subject of national attention in recent months, exploring: What does this newly-minted court decision, statute, or regulation mean? What does it cover? How will it be applied and how far does it extend? What Constitutional challenges does it face? How can we harness this information in class?

Jordan Camenker
C5 Raid the Raider Center
Faculty are invited to tour the Raider Center, learn about everything Athletics and Recreational Sports have to offer, and have some time to play around and experience the new gym!

Geoffrey Nelson, Kurt Esser
C6 Library Program Partners: Co-create Engagement Programs for Student Success
MAKE * EXPERIMENT * PLAY. Instead of waiting for opportunities to support institutional goals, the eclectic cadre of Faculty Librarians are recruiting cross-College partners to develop programming for student engagement and retention. COLLABORATE + CO-CREATE = INNOVATE. We've found that shared interests - beyond our academic roles - are what drive “New Era” innovation. Let’s get acquainted and exchange stories, curiosities, interests. We want to build programs that are... [experiential] [impactful] [equitable] TOGETHER!

Jason Anfinsen, Ross Martin, Nicole Sotak
C7 Getting to Know TECO This session is geared towards new faculty or faculty that would like a refresher on TECO. We will provide a PowerPoint presentation and discuss the following topics: Setting up testing sessions in TECO, how to add an exam to TECO, how to create a testing session in TECO, calculators, methods of retrieving completed exams, archiving exams, utilizing the Testing Center, and DSS students.

Lorilee Brizendine
C8 What is Guided Pathways? Where am I in its Framework?This session will familiarize constituents from across the entire college with the stages of adoption of the Guided Pathways framework. This session will provide key information gleaned from the SSC Pathways Core team visits to the Florida Pathways Institute sessions over the past two years. Attendees will learn about the state-wide framework and philosophy of Guided Pathways and recognize their place in the college’s adoption of it.

Michael Mendoza, Julie Edstrom, Dr. Stephen Summers, Dr. Johnny Craig, Dr. Laura Ross, Dr. Geoff Fortunato
C9 What to do About Difficult Students: Getting to the Heart of the MatterThis workshop seeks to discuss working with students who are difficult, building relationships between students, faculty, and staff and helping students process difficult situations through dialogue. The presenters will engage participants through conversations related to student behavior, utilization of College resources, and navigating conversations with students through conflict.

Briyanna Jenkins and Barbara Coleman-Foster
C10 Remote Proctoring with HonorlockHonorlock is one of the two remote proctoring tools that can be used for online assessments at SSC. During this presentation, you will become familiar with the features of Honorlock, how to easily create a quiz/exam using Honorlock, and how to interpret the results. Information will be shared on student and faculty resources available to assist with Honorlock and how to contact Honorlock Support both before and during a proctoring session.

Ryan Wilcox
C11 eLearning Minute ClinicsThe eLearning department will host Minute Clinics throughout the day, giving you an opportunity to stop by and ask for guidance on last minute adjustments to your Canvas course, adding OASIS syllabus to your course, or other eLearning tools before the new semester begins.


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