Welcome Back 2021

Welcome Back 2021 events will take place virtually on Wednesday, August 18.


  • 9:30 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.      Academic Affairs Kick Off

Concurrent Sessions

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Session A Workshops ~ 10:40 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.
A1 "Are You Ok?" Practicing Emotional First AidIn the last year we have faced an overwhelming amount of stress, emotional pain, loss, and social distance, which has had a potential detrimental impact on our psychological health. Based on research from psychologist Guy Winch and others, this presentation will invite you to practice emotional hygiene-taking care of our emotions and our minds, with the similar focus we tend to take care of our bodies so we can improve our overall well-being and be not just ‘ok’ but healthier moving forward.
A2 Making Ideas To Stick, Even With Teflon Students
We aren’t “publish or perish” professors; we are teaching professors.  We know that how important engagement is, and how tough it can be to achieve.  One hallmark of a great class is that people remember the central idea the prof was trying to convey.  They talk about it.  They wrestle with it.  They may even act on it.  How do we make our message stick?  This workshop offers six tried and true Teflon-resistant strategies.
A3 Equity Strategies and Resources for Your StudentsSeminole State’s goal to achieve equitable outcomes for students counts on faculty members’ commitment to intentional actions. These include bias-free syllabi, instructional techniques bringing out the best in students, and affirmations of students’ best qualities as learners. Equity and Diversity/Title IX brings a sampling of the techniques and resources that support students of all races/ethnicities, physical ability, affiliation with the LGBT+ community, economic background, and other factors creating an inclusive learning environment.
A4 eLearning Updates
There have been several updates this summer regarding eLearning.  Come learn about new tools, a streamlined process for requesting assistance, our eLearning Service Catalog, and more enhancements to better meet the needs of our faculty and students! We will also provide an opportunity for Q&A during this time.
A5 Size Doesn't Matter: How to Get Started on Your Own OER Project, Big or SmallIn this workshop, we will share insights from our recent NEH-funded OER projects. Attendees will be introduced to strategies for building OER materials for their courses. We will provide examples from the fields of history and humanities and offer time for faculty to begin their own projects. This workshop supports SSC’s first Strategic Goal to, “Advance student learning and development with innovative programs and services that cultivate student engagement and success.”
A6 and B6 Group Projects in an Online Course: What works and what doesn't? (90-minute session, ends at 12:10 p.m.)
The presentation will cover different ways to effectively use group projects in an online course based on years of experience: practical do's and don'ts of online groups, how to fairly grade individuals in the groups, and the best ways to establish and manage the student online groups.
A7 Nuts and Bolts with Assessment and Testing
The Assessment and Testing department is committed to providing quality testing services to our students, faculty and community members by assessing their knowledge, skills, and abilities as they relate to higher and continuing education. Assessment and Testing is an integral part of student success and retention at the college and this presentation will provide updates and insights into processes and services to prospective and current students.
A8 2021 Legislative Session: Laws Affecting Faculty
Several new laws were passed this legislative session that may impact faculty and the classroom. This presentation will review these laws and provide guidance for faculty on implementation. This session will be recorded and shared with faculty. Please attend live if you want to ask questions.
A9 Zoom Room Demo
Learn about the new Zoom Room classrooms on campus as well as in all conference rooms. In these Zoom Rooms, faculty can teach hybrid classes with both in person students and remote students with the help of tracking cameras, TVs, and microphones. Participants will be able to interact with the system so they can learn how to use it.

Session B Workshops ~ 11:40 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
B1 Up, Up and Away! Unsung Heroes Increase Representation in STEM Disciplines
Most students know of Edison, Einstein, Darwin and Galileo—but what about the “Unsung Heroes” in STEM left out of the Westernized academic narrative? Significant disparities in STEM degree completion exist among blacks, Latinx and female students, highlighting the importance of representation in STEM curricula. This presentation will showcase the Unsung Heroes in STEM initiative developed by the Biology Colloquium Team, which serves as an instructional tool to promote inclusion of marginalized students in STEM.
B2 Pandemic Law
No areas of the law have evolved more in the past year then those involving the relationship of government and people with respect to how society responds to the pandemic.  This workshop will explore these developments and explain the relevance to what we do today.
B3 African American Rhetoric-1960s to Present Day: The desire to achieve political, social and economic equality
In this session, participants will experience a unit of Speech Communication which focuses on great African American speechmakers through the Neo-Aristotelean method of rhetorical criticism. The focus on these historical figures centers them firmly in the American experience, while providing exemplars for components of speech writing and delivery. The goal is for academic identification for African American male students.
B4 Get Creative and Boost Engagement with H5P
Are you ready to move beyond Canvas Basics and build some fun, interactive course materials? Join Amy Stuart from eLearning and get to know H5P, a new tool in your content and engagement toolbox. With H5P instructors can quickly create flashcards, drag and drops, hotspot images, and much more!
B5 Orchestrating Productive Discussions
Robust and effective classroom discussions are essential for providing students with opportunities to engage in and learn key content topics. Using numerous examples and learning tasks, this presentation will explore how we can plan lessons to encourage students to not only learn the content but employ disciplinary practices as well. Specifically, this presentation will examine five instructional practices that can help educators facilitate effective inquiry-oriented lessons.
B7 Navigate Implementation Update
This session with provide information pertaining to the college’s implementation of the Student Success Management system, “Navigate”.  Through the panel discussion format, members of the Navigate Implementation team will provide attendees with an overview of the comprehensive technology that brings together faculty advisors, administrators, staff and students in a coordinated care network. This discussion will share the implementation timeline, project updates, and information on how Navigate plays an important role in the college’s strategic plan as well as the benefits of utilizing Navigate to improve student engagement and connection with members of the college community.
B8 Zoom Room Demo
Learn about the new Zoom Room classrooms on campus as well as in all conference rooms. In these Zoom Rooms, faculty can teach hybrid classes with both in person students and remote students with the help of tracking cameras, TVs, and microphones. Participants will be able to interact with the system so they can learn how to use it.

Session C Workshops ~ 1:25 p.m. - 2:15 p.m.
C1 So now I have hours of recorded Lectures-what can I do with them when we have achieved herd immunity???
One of the major roadblocks to the flipped classroom is the preparation time needed to record the lecture material. As the pandemic has forced many of us to do just that to teach our classes for the past year perhaps now is the time to consider a flipped classroom to take advantage of all that recorded material. Flipped classroom strategies and modes will be discussed.
C2 Recruit and Retain Strategically
Sustainable change happens when educational systems are revised to fit people, rather than changing people to fit systems that are often biased. Institutions of higher learning know that diversity and inclusion are instrumental in helping all students realize their full potential. Diversity and inclusion must become central to departmental culture, not merely peripheral activities. Come hear how NCWIT helped assist us in making lasting transformations that bring new voices to the table and change what’s possible.
C3 Primo: A Whole New Way to Discover a World of Information!
This summer the College Libraries adopted a new “best in class” service that allows users to discover millions of books, articles, and videos at the campus libraries, academic libraries throughout Florida, and online -- most of which aren't fully available via a Google search!  Come to learn how to use this new system effectively to find just the right information source you need for your courses, your work projects, or your personal life!
C4 Remote Proctoring with Honorlock
Seminole State College has adopted Honorlock to be included as another option for remote proctoring.  In this informational session, you will learn what features are available with Honorlock, see an overview of how it works, and learn how you can incorporate this new tool into your course.  Hear from faculty who participated in a pilot of Honorlock in their Summer B term course.  The information in this session will allow you to evaluate the best option for your high-stakes assessments during the Fall 2021 term.
C5 Collegewide Student Learning Outcomes
In Spring 2020 a task force convened to take a fresh look at our College-wide Student Learning Outcomes.  Over the ensuing year a new set of SLOs were created that provide a framework for students’ college experiences from application to graduation.  They are meant to fit into the College’s new strategic plan and to support our commitment to a robust Guided Pathways model for students.  Our new SLOs and their visual icons will be presented along with how faculty can incorporate them into their instructional materials in a way that helps students tie individual courses to the overall set of experiences and skillsets they will obtain while attending Seminole State College.
C6 Now Boarding for flight IDS1107:FYE-Know, Go, Fly!
The purpose of this presentation is to share how the committee came up with what we are launching this Fall, IDS1107. The panel will share how it will work, the nuts and bolts, and how faculty and staff can work together to help our students transition smoothly into Raider Life. (Our FYE is an expanded orientation to the college.) We will have ample time for Q & A at the end.
C7 UFF Update
Dr. Scott Freeman, UFF President and Professor of Psychology, will provide an update for bargaining unit faculty.
C8 Zoom Room Demo
Learn about the new Zoom Room classrooms on campus as well as in all conference rooms. In these Zoom Rooms, faculty can teach hybrid classes with both in person students and remote students with the help of tracking cameras, TVs, and microphones. Participants will be able to interact with the system so they can learn how to use it.


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