Welcome Back 2023

The Academic Affairs Welcome Back will take place on Wednesday August 16, 2023


8 - 8:30 a.m.

Breakfast and coffee at Sanford/Lake Mary campus

  • Multipurpose Room C-110A/B
8:30 - 10 a.m.

Academic Affairs Kick Off

  • Assembly Hall C-108
10:10 - 11:10 a.m.Session A Faculty Center Professional Development Workshops
11:20 - 12:20 p.m..Session B Faculty Center Professional Development Workshops
12:20 - 1:10 p.m.Grab and Go Lunch
  • Multipurpose Room C-110A/B
1:20 - 2:20 p.m.Session C Faculty Center Professional Development Workshops
2:20 - 3:20 p.m.Afternoon coffee and cookie reception
  • 1st floor L-Building atrium
3:30 - 4:30 p.m.Faculty Senate/UFF Update
  • Assembly Hall C-108

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Session A Workshops: 10:10 - 11:10 a.m.
A1 Ready or Not: Teaching Learners in an AI-Enabled World

Already, AI tools have introduced an epistemological shift in what people need to learn and how to demonstrate they learned it. In this presentation, colleagues from different sectors of the College will: highlight AI impacts on select professional fields, share strategies for addressing AI usage with students, offer considerations for assessment post-AI ubiquity, and initiate ongoing reading and learning communities about AI in higher education. While only a starting point, this presentation addresses immediate instructional concerns (What should I do for fall term?) and structures ongoing philosophical discussions (What does this mean for my field in five years?).

 Katherine Kellen, Maya Byfield, Ross Martin, Devin Monnens, Adam Stark, and Robert Wert

A2 Perusall and You: Getting Your Students to Read the Textbook and Discuss the Materials

This presentation will provide faculty with an overview on how to use Perusall Social Annotation Software in online and in person courses. Participants will engage in a conversation about how to create discussions that don't suck, how to engage students using videos, pdfs, textbook, podcasts, and more! 

Michael Gennaro

A3 Library Programs: Become a Nightbrarian

Learn how to collaborate with faculty librarians to help make College Libraries the new campus hub for information, instruction, technology, and engagement. BECOME A NIGHTBRARIAN! 

Jason Anfinsen

A4 Support Your Students Holistically: How You Can Help

Many of our students face issues with basic needs such as food and housing. In a recent survey, 47% of SSC students said they had food insecurities. Come learn how you can help our students by learning about the Holistic Student Support services available including our emergency assistance program, transportation support, medical health services, and our free legal aid assistance.

Jan Lloyd-Lesley and Mercedes Bermejo

A5 Testing Ch-Ch Changes are Coming for You

Are you a little rusty on your Assessment & Testing knowledge? Let the Assessment & Testing Team bring you up to speed so you can rally to start the year with success. Topics of discussion will include the Florida Civic Literacy Exam (FCLE), navigating the transition from TeCo to the new Testing Center SSAP-App, and creating test sessions for DSS students. We will conclude with Q and A. No lucky pencils are required to ace this test! 

Margaret Thomas and Lorilee Brizendine

A6 2023 Legislative Session: New Laws Impacting Seminole State, the Florida College System, and Public Education in the State of Florida

This presentation will provide participants with an overview of significant legislation passed during the 2023 session of the Florida legislature. Participants will understand the scope of the new legislation and the anticipated impact it will have on the College and higher education in the State.

Paul Carland and Barbara Coleman-Foster

A7 Empathy: The Key to Transformational Leadership and Lasting Connections

Discover how empathy drives connection and trust in all kinds of relationships, while also encouraging and inspiring teams. Learn useful approaches for incorporating empathy into your leadership style, from active listening to understanding colleagues and student needs. This presentation will assist in identifying the beneficial impact of empathetic leadership for yourself and for organizational culture, as well as for maintaining lasting connections. 

Scott Freeman

A8 PAIN…The Issue is Not Always in the Tissues

This session will explore contemporary pain theory. We will discuss the multidimensional nature of the pain experience, going beyond the archaic biomedical model to fully embrace both the psychological factors and social determinants of pain. Non-pharmacological treatment options for the multiple pain mechanisms will be explored. Participants will better understand that pain without a specific medical diagnosis is not simply in their head, but rather is real and treatable.

Jeffrey Miller and Jamie Brickley

Session B Workshops: 11:20 a.m. - 12:20 p.m.
B1 Welcome to Panorama: SSC's New Online Accessibility Tool!

Learn how to use Panorama, our new tool to help faculty and students with online accessibility. The presentation will show faculty how to set up Panorama in their Canvas courses and will demonstrate how the student tools work. Because we will be in a computer lab, faculty can follow along and set up at least one course during the session.

Kia Anderson and Afrin Amin

B2 Introduction to Canvas Course Outcomes

Outcomes enable faculty to track students’ progress as measured by pedagogical goals or desired outcomes. Learn how to build course level outcomes and how to apply department level outcomes in your course.

Sam Kelly

B3 Panopto Essentials: Embedding, Management, Accessibility, and Interactivity

This workshop will cover essential skills, including how to properly embed your videos into Canvas, copy videos, share videos, edit videos, create and edit captions for accessibility, and add questions to videos to make them more interactive. Additionally, we discuss how Panopto's archive policy works. The workshop is designed for users of any skill level, from novices to instructors with years of experience.

Devin Monnens and Ryan Wilcox

B4 Canvas Unleashed: 10 Hacks to Make Your Life Easier in Canvas

This session will delve into ten hacks that will maximize your productivity and streamline your experiences in your Canvas course. Discover some innovative techniques, shortcuts, and time-saving tips and tricks that will revolutionize the design, development, and delivery of your Canvas courses.

Richard Snyder

B5 Mission Possible: How To Be a Bridge for the Underrepresented in 2023

The NSF SSTEM LEAPS and BOUNDS Program supports our college’s mission and vision by strengthening the guided pathway for academically talented, diverse community college students pursuing biology-related degrees. The program provides much-needed financial resources accompanied by strategic, evidence-driven, coordinated support services. Project strategies have helped S-STEM scholars through critical transition points while the students are working to earn a transferrable associate degree and shortening time to degree through early development. 

Maya Byfield, Marisol De Jesus Berrios, Tamara Steffy, and Simone Nelson

B6 Emergencies and Active Threats on Campus

Do you know what to do during an emergency on a Seminole State campus? We will review what to do during an emergency, how to deal with Active Threats, general security practices, and resources available to you. This session will also provide faculty with knowledge of what happens behind the scenes during incidents on campus.

Miguel Sierra

B7 A New Approach to Admissions and Recruitment

Join the Seminole State College Admissions and Recruitment team as we update colleagues on innovative and sustainable strategies that achieve institutional strategic enrollment goals. We will share insights into the progress that has been made in the development of the college-wide common admissions application, recruitment strategies, and new student transition program. We will share opportunities for collaboration across functional areas, and introduce members of the leadership team. The presentation will engage participants with prominent current and future considerations impacting enrollment and will provide opportunities to identify ways they can contribute to reaching our enrollment goals.

Lorie Coachman, Latisha McCray, and Jennifer Buchhorn

B8 Continuing Contract Review Process and Portfolio

Faculty who are on track to earn continuing contract must put together a tenure portfolio as part of the process. This is a chance for faculty members to craft their narrative and make the case for earning continuing contract. During this presentation, faculty will receive practical tips and suggestions while learning about the desired formats for what their documentation should include. This workshop is geared towards faculty who will be under consideration for continuing contract during this academic year.

Marwan Shaban and Sandy Keeter

B9 What Do You Need to Know to Help with Seminole State College of Florida’s Reaffirmation?

Are you wondering what SACSCOC accreditation is all about and why it's important?  Are you wondering the status of our reaffirmation? Are you wondering how you can help with our reaffirmation? Join us for this session to learn how you can make this reaffirmation a success.  We will review the status of our reaffirmation, the timeline, as well as how you can assist us in showcasing the great work we do every day for our students to be successful.

Carlene McNeil and Thomas Hoke

B10 Strike with Confidence

Do you want to learn self defense? Are you wishing there was an easy way to learn how to keep yourself safe? Come learn some basic punches and techniques with an undefeated kickboxing fighter. No prior experience needed. Leave feeling empowered, stronger, and ready to take on the world.

Sarah Dhalla and Holliday “The Viper” Hofstatter

Session C Workshops: 1:20 - 2:20 p.m.
C1 Welcome to Panorama: SSC's New Online Accessibility Tool!

Learn how to use Panorama, our new tool to help faculty and students with online accessibility. The presentation will show faculty how to set up Panorama in their Canvas courses and will demonstrate how the student tools work. Because we will be in a computer lab, faculty can follow along and set up at least one course during the session. 

Kia Anderson and Afrin Amin

C2 Department and Subaccount Level Outcome Management

Outcomes are a standardized measure used to track competency or mastery across a program. Learn how to build, manage, and report on outcomes for subaccounts.

Sam Kelly

C3 The Immersive Classroom: Exploring the Next Generation Planetarium

After a year long series of renovations, the planetarium is better than ever and now equipped with technology that will truly revolutionize the way we learn. Join us in the planetarium for a showcase of that technology and for a chance to brainstorm ways we can make the planetarium the 21st century immersive classroom.  

Derek Demeter

C4 Identify, Notify, Rectify, Verify

Identify, Notify, Rectify, Verify is the framework for a comprehensive process for performance improvement. It can be utilized in a variety of settings, such as improving student performance, faculty performance development, or overall program improvement. This presentation will discuss each component of the process and how they all work together to achieve continuous performance improvement.

James Rucks

C5 Increase Student Engagement with Lecture Tutorials

Lecture tutorials are short, interactive worksheets designed to have students think about difficult topics and address common misconceptions using a scaffolding approach. This presentation will model their use and provide examples of best practices on how to create and integrate Lecture Tutorials into a conventional lecture course.

Richard Snyder

C6 Academic Advising and Counseling

In this session, we will provide updates to faculty on the advising related functions within Navigate, the processes for counseling referrals, and updates on new advising initiatives. 

Carlee Walkover and Dalia Fox

C7 Get to Know the ASC 

During this session, you will learn more about the services offered through the Academic Success Center (ASC), including on-campus and online tutoring services. Additionally, this presentation will focus on the way ASC staff approach academic support and how you can connect with the ASC.

Garret Gaudens, Nicole Wesley, and Thomas Winckelmann

C8 New Annual Evaluation, Same Awesome You

In this session, you will be introduced to the new annual faculty evaluation system. Active participants will be better prepared to use the new evaluation system launched this year.

Stacy Tanner

C9 Excel-A-Raider: Introduction of our QEP!

We will provide an overview of the college's new QEP, titled Excel-A-Raider. Our QEP is an innovative approach to more effectively coordinate the work of our advisors, academic support staff, and faculty members to impact student success for First Time in College students in our A.A. programs.

Morgan Tracy and Chalah Harris

C10 Knit the Ragged Sleeve of Care: Knitting and Stitching Circles for Stress Relief, Engagement, Focus, and Community

Knitting and other hand crafts can provide stress relief, encourage focus and engagement, and build community. Faculty members share how they are using hand crafts like knitting to increase engagement and community at our college. Bring a craft of your choice or learn how to knit in this presentation/workshop/discussion.

Claire Miller and Kathryn Steinhaus


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