Grade Forgiveness Policy

The grade forgiveness policy allows a student to repeat a course in which the student has earned a "D" or "F" in an attempt to improve the grade earned in the course. Only the last grade earned in a repeated course will be computed into the student's GPA, provided the final grade is not an "NC," "X" or "W." A student is limited to two repeat attempts per college credit course. The final course attempt will be applied in the student's degree audit.

 All courses attempted at Seminole State will appear on the student's transcript. Repeated courses will be indicated by a "Previous Attempt" for initial attempt and "Repeated for credit" for the final attempt. Courses that may be repeated more than once for credit will be indicated with an "Allow."

 Students should be aware that some colleges and universities may not honor Seminole State's forgiveness policy and compute the initial attempt in the GPA. It is the responsibility of the student, if planning to transfer, to check with the receiving institution to determine if that institution will honor Seminole State's forgiveness policy and how the institution will calculate the student’s multiple course attempts into the GPA. 

 Once a degree is awarded, a student may not repeat a course to improve that degree's GPA.

 Students may not repeat courses by credit-by-examination. 

 Students receiving financial aid should consult with the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office prior to enrolling in any course for grade forgiveness.