Withdraw from a Course

Withdrawing from a course is different from dropping a course during the Add/Drop period, because it counts as an attempted class. Therefore, there is no refund, and a grade of “W” is given for the course. The withdrawn course will show up on your transcript, and it can have negative financial aid implications.

Before You Withdraw

Please consider the following before you withdraw from a course:

  • Withdrawing will affect your financial aid status if:
    • You fall below half-time status (6 credits)
    • Your completion rate falls below 67 percent (for both the current semester and your overall academic career)
  • You will not receive a refund for the course(s) from which you withdraw.
  • Withdrawing does not affect your academic GPA for the term.
  • You are permitted only two withdrawals per course.

Withdrawing from courses can result in a loss of financial aid and a return of Title IV Funds (which the borrower must repay). Visit the financial aid website to learn more about Withdrawing from Classes.

Withdrawal Deadlines
Withdrawal deadlines can be found in the College Academic Calendar.

How to Withdraw

You may withdraw from a class in the following ways:

  • Visit a student success specialist on any campus
    • Sanford/Lake Mary Campus: Student Center- First Floor
    • Altamonte Springs Campus: ALT-113
    • Heathrow Campus: HEA-117
    • Oviedo Campus: OVF-101
  • Complete the online withdrawal form
  • Download and print the withdrawal form and submit it to a student success specialist on any campus. Withdrawal forms may not be faxed.


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