Health and Wellness

Encouraging whole- person wellness mind, body, soul, and academics.

Stress is a part of our daily lives. Our ability to successfully manage it has significant impact on various aspects of our lives including our academic performance and work productivity.

Our aim is to provide resources that help to enhance the stress response’s ability to balance, in order to encourage whole-person wellness.

The Disability Support Services office provides a variety of Brain Training Technology that is available for students, faculty, and staff. Please stop by our office to inquire more about this technology.

Become a Wellness Ambassador

Seminole State College Wellness Ambassadors are student volunteers who help promote engagement in wellness activities, participate in events, and encourage healthy behaviors contributing to whole-person wellness within the campus community.

Scholarship opportunity available. Contact us for more details.

A gold-colored Somavedic device is sitting on a table on a brown table runner inbetween a black BrainTap case and white and purple BrainTap device with a stone table top fountain placed behind the devices.


Feel Better. Live Better

An eastern approach to wellness combined with Western frequency therapy technology is what makes Somavedic a very unique device in its category. Somavedic is designed on the principle of controlled release of energy from precious and semi-precious stones.

Somavedic has been proven to have positive results on our cells and bodies.

Some of the positive effects are:

  1. Reducing effects of mobile phone radiation
  2. Helps improve the cardiovascular and nervous system
  3. Improved heart rate variability, circulation, and internal balance
  4. Significant improvement of sedimentation

Somavedic structures water, like tap or bottled water, and changes it into mountain spring water quality.   It also provides water in its most natural state just by placing your water bottle next to it.

Experience the  unique combination of frequency therapy and natural science.


General Information
Sanford/Lake Mary - 407.708.2110
Altamonte Springs - 407.404.6005
Oviedo - 407.971.5114