What are the Student's Responsibilities?

Notify and Request

Students must notify Disability Support Services of a disability in a timely manner and provide appropriate documentation.

Students with disabilities have the first responsibility to report their needs to the faculty in a timely manner, as faculty are not required to anticipate special student needs. If a student waits until the day of an exam to ask for extended time or a separate testing area, the student has failed to make the request in a timely manner. The instructor is only required to provide accommodations from the time of the request and does not need to offer make-up exams.

Maintain Regular Attendance

In keeping with the College's policy of attendance for all students, Disability Support Services requires that a student maintain regular attendance to ensure no interruption of services. A notetaker, tutor or interpreter does not replace the classroom experience and is not a substitute for class attendance. If a student is repeatedly late and/or absent, services may be interrupted until the student meets with the DSS Coordinator to discuss how the College might assist that student in being responsible and successful at Seminole State College.

Fulfill all Applicable Requirements for Participating in and Completing Seminole State Programs

All students are expected to be self-advocates and to take the initiative to be informed of all requirements and deadlines for completion and graduation.

Disability Support Services assists the student to identify potential barriers and the accommodations or modifications that will ensure access to programs and services. Ultimately, each student is responsible for his/her own success.


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