Registering with Disability Support Services

By law, students who have disabilities are not required to identify themselves as having a disability. Although encouraged to register with Disability Support Services (DSS) immediately upon entrance to Seminole State, it is not uncommon for students to forgo seeking assistance until they experience difficulties with coursework.

Students are considered to have a disability if they display a physical or mental impairment that significantly affects one or more major life activities; have a record of impairment; or are regarded as having an impairment by a recognized agency.

Students who would like to be considered for academic accommodations need to visit any one of our DSS campus locations to discuss options that might be available and how to register (see steps to register at the bottom of the page).  All services provided by DSS are provided at no cost to the student and are based upon the individual student's needs. The responsibility for determining a student's eligibility for services rests with the DSS staff.

In order to register with DSS at Seminole State College, please review the DSS Documentation Guidelines.

For more information about making the transition to Seminole State College, download our informational flyer that outlines the transition from public school to postsecondary education.

Steps Necessary to Receive Academic Accommodations

Altamonte SpringsALT-107407.404.6005
 Sanford/Lake Mary SC-130407.708.2110
  1. Contact and meet with a DSS specialist at any of Seminole State College campuses. We recommend students contact the DSS office at their preferred campus to schedule an intake appointment.
  2. Complete these forms:
    1. Self-assessment accommodation questionnaire 
    2. Release of information 
    3. Student Responsibilities
  3. Provide up-to-date, current documentation from a licensed professional (see documentation guidelines). The appropriate clinical documentation should substantiate the disability and present evidence to establish a rationale supporting the need for accommodations. A school plan such as an Individualized Education Program (IEP) or a 504 plan is insufficient documentation in and of itself but can be included as part of a more evaluative report.
  4. After documentation is evaluated, contact and meet with the DSS specialist to discuss any accommodations that may be necessary. DSS will make final determination of whether appropriate and reasonable accommodations are warranted and can be provided to the individual based on the information received.

Until all steps of the registration process have been completed, the student will be considered pending with DSS and will not be eligible for services or accommodations. Faxed/mailed documentation will be held in pending status for 90 days from the date of receipt and will be shredded after the specified period. The student may, however, begin the process again at any time.

Note: Seminole State College does not provide housing, personal attendant care, or readers for personal study or transportation.

Information for Veterans Registering with DSS

It is important to know that the standards used by the military or Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) are used for the purpose of service-related separation or claims/issues.  The postsecondary laws Sections 504 and the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) that provide academic adjustments have a different definition of what constitutes a disability than the one used by Seminole State. According to the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Civil Rights, a ”finding by the military or VA that a veteran is entitled to disability-related benefits or services does not mean that he or she is automatically entitled to receive academic adjustments in a postsecondary setting.”

Most of the evaluations and documentation developed by military or Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) personnel does not provide information focusing on how a person's disability affects learning and other major life activities related to the postsecondary education setting. The VA documentation could be submitted as part of the registration process, but supplemental materials may be required to provide full documentation of your disability.


General Information
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