Services Provided to Students with Disabilities

DSS informs faculty members through an introductory letter that a student with a disability will be in their class. The student delivers the letter to his or her instructor(s) at the beginning of the semester. For online classes, DSS emails the faculty member the letter to their Seminole State account.

Such intervention is conducted only upon a student's request.

The responsibility for determining a student's eligibility for appropriate academic adjustments rests with the DSS staff. Confidentiality of records is maintained within DSS. Upon the student's written release, DSS can verify the disability and make recommendations for necessary academic adjustments. Without such a release, DSS is unable by law to discuss the specific nature of a student's disability.

Faculty members are encouraged to inform their classes about support services available through DSS. One way to inform students and encourage them to discuss appropriate academic adjustments is to include the following statement on the course syllabus and to repeat it during the first class meeting:

Any student who has a disability and is in need of special services should contact Disability Support Services (room A-101, phone 407.708.2505).


Please use the following resources to learn more about particular types of disability.

You can extend the amount of time permitted to complete an assignment in Canvas by:

For more information, please consult the DSS Faculty Handbook.