Official Seminole State College Logos and Guidelines

Seminole State owns and controls its name(s), marks, logos, insignias, seals, colors, designs and symbols, and they are strictly for college use only.

For official materials for the college, the Seminole State College of Florida official logo is available below to download. Since the first formal contact many people have with Seminole State is through printed and online materials, it is important that these materials project a consistent and readily identifiable image.

All guidelines in this document apply to print and electronic applications, unless otherwise specified.

About the Logo

The logo, a modernized version of a shield, symbolizes that Seminole State values tradition, but is also progressive, strong and forward-thinking. The logo uses blue and gold, which have been the College's traditional colors since it was founded in 1965.


  • To ensure consistent representation, the logo cannot be altered or distorted in any way. Do not change the color, alignment or spacing of the shield icon or text.
  • Do not use the shield icon or text portion of the logo alone.
  • Do not enclose the logo inside other artwork, such as clip art or shapes.
  • Always make sure the logo prints larger than 1.5 inches. If it prints smaller than 1.5 inches, "of Florida" may be removed.
  • Always make sure logo colors only use the official Dark Blue (PMS287U, C87 M72 Y13 K1, R60 G88 B150) and Bright Gold (PMS7406C, C0 M21 Y100 K0, R249 G198 B6)

If you have difficulty downloading the logo files, please see the logo instructions page. For questions about their use, please contact Creative Services at 407.708.2519 or email

1 line, left aligned logo

Seminole State College of Florida Logo - 1 Line, Left Align


2 line, centered logo

Seminole State College of Florida Logo - 2 Line, Centered


Raiders Athletics logo

Seminole State Raiders Athletics


Brand Guidelines 

Seminole State Raiders Athletics


Additional Guidelines

  • Board of Trustees Usage: The names of Seminole State's District Board of Trustees members must be present on all formal publications, including, but not limited to, graduation programs, invitations, newsletters, course schedules and booklets.
  • Equal Access/Opportunity Statement: All Seminole State materials must contain the statement, "An Equal Access/Equal Opportunity College."