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Have News to Share?

Find out what makes a story newsworthy in our Newsworthy Stories Guide.

The Communications Office staff plans, researches, writes and distributes reputation-defining messages that highlight interesting and newsworthy College information, people and events.

The staff will determine the most appropriate distribution method for the information: internal, local, statewide or national. Stories may be posted on the Seminole State website in The Newsroom and/or MySeminoleState, on the College's official social media channels, and/or shared with media via a news release. 

To assure that materials released to the media are accurate, timely and consistent in style and quality, all materials (including photographs) released to the media must be coordinated and released through the Communications Office.

Messages include:

  1. Student recruitment and retention
  2. Academic news
  3. Student success
  4. Faculty/staff achievement
  5. Collegewide event promotion

Submit College News for Publication

Seminole State faculty and staff are welcome to submit College news to the Communications Office via the Service Request system:

  1. Go to the Communications/Media and Public Relations Service Catalog in the Service Request system. If you are not logged in to the system, you will need to log in to view the service catalog.
  2. Select College News to submit a request to share information about a student, faculty or staff achievement, a new program or a College announcement. Select Event Publicity to submit a request to share news about a College-sponsored event.
  3. Complete all applicable fields. The required fields are marked with asterisks. (Please provide as much information as possible, including a detailed story summary or event description in the appropriate field).
  4. Attach related files if applicable.
  5. Once the request is complete, review it and then click Request to submit.

For more information about submitting College news for publication, contact Kimberly Allen at ext. 2272.

Please remember that media coverage is never guaranteed. Each media outlet decides which stories and events it will cover, based on the newsworthiness of the item, its timeliness, and space and time constraints. Although the Communications staff can release a story, the amount and type of coverage it receives is ultimately up to each media outlet. It is not the policy of the Communications Office to resend previously issued releases or to issue multiple releases on a single event.


Media Contact
Kimberly Allen