Professional Employees Council (PEC)

The Professional Employees Council (PEC) is the officially recognized organization of professional employees at Seminole State. PEC membership is open to all professional employees at the College. We meet to discuss the concerns and the needs of our constituents at our regular PEC meetings and bring concerns forward at Exchange of Views meetings. 

Vision Statement

In achieving the mission of the College, the vision of the Professional Employee Council is to provide a platform from which its members can:

  • Support the College by becoming thoroughly knowledgeable about the purpose and the mission of Seminole State College.
  • Communicate topics of organizational interest and concern to relevant parties in a professional manner.
  • Promote professional development that will provide opportunities to achieve and maintain the highest level of professional competence.
  • Review topics of interest that enhance members’ awareness of trends within higher education or external industry trends that may affect higher education.
  • Encourage a professional attitude and actions among the College’s professional employees for the betterment of the students, individuals, the College, and the community that is served.