2018-19 Curriculum Committee Members

The Curriculum Committee is a collegewide standing committee consisting of 24 voting members and 12 ex officio (non-voting) members. Committee membership is published online.

The Curriculum Committee reports to the vice president of Academic Affairs. The director of Curriculum, Credentialing and Academic Scheduling convenes the first meeting of the academic year and is responsible for scheduling the meetings and posting agendas and minutes. The director also provides the committee reports to the vice president of Academic Affairs. The committee chair is selected by the voting faculty members on the curriculum committee during the first curriculum meeting of the academic year.

Curriculum Committee Members for 2018-19 are:

1a. One Faculty Member from Faculty SenateSanford/Lake MaryTidwell, CraigInformation Technology2018-21
1b. One Faculty Member from Academic FoundationsSanford/Lake MaryChrisopher, DianaEnglish Languate Institute2018-21
1c. One Faculty Member from Arts and CommunicationsSanford/Lake MaryCampbell, DiannaMusic2016-19
1d. One Faculty Member from Biological SciencesSanford/Lake MaryRinne, DebraBiological Science2017-20
1e. One Faculty Member from EnglishOviedoSmith, JeffreyCollege Prep Reading2016-19
1f. One Faculty Member from EducationSanford/Lake MaryNavarro, AshleyEducation2017-20
1g. One Faculty Member from Humanities, History and Modern LanguageSanford/Lake MaryIrizarry, MarisabelHumanities2018-21
1h. One Faculty Member from MathematicsSanford/Lake MaryNasnas, GraceMathematics2017-20
1i. One Faculty Member from Physical ScienceSanford/Lake MaryWerner, JohnPhysical Sciences2018-21
1j. One Faculty Member from Social ScienceSanford/Lake MarySoremi, ModupeSocial Sciences2017-20
1k. One Faculty Member also serving on General Review Team Vacant Vacant Vacant 2016-19
1l. One Faculty Member from Center for Business, Legal, and EntrepreneurshipHeathrowCalloway, RichardBusiness Administration2017-20
1m. One Faculty Member from the Moore Center for Health ProfessionsAltamonte SpringsWay, GracielaNursing AS2017-20
1n. One Faculty Member from the Center for Information TechnologySanford/Lake MaryDelgado-Navarro, JohnNetworking2016-19
1o. One Faculty Member from the Center for Public SafetySanford/Lake MaryTodak, ElizabethEmergency Medical Services2018-19
1p. One Faculty Member from Early Childhood DevelopmentSanford/Lake MaryRobertson, NanaEarly Childhood
1q. One Faculty Member from the Wharton-Smith Center for ConstructionHeathrowQu, TanConstruction2018-19
1r. One Faculty Member from the Center for Interior DesignHeathrowSteeves, Jeannette (Alice)
Interior Design2017-20
1s. One Faculty Member from the Center for Engineering & Computer TechnologyOviedoGraves, ChristyArchitectural Engineering Tech2016-19
1t. One LibrarianSanford/Lake MarySchau, MichaelLibrary -General2018-21
1u. One Associate Dean from the School of Academic FoundationsSanford/Lake MaryElshoff, WilliamEnglish for Spkrs of Oth Lang2018-21
1v. One Associate Dean from the School of Arts and SciencesSanford/Lake MaryMinton, TommyMathematics2016-19
1w. One Associate Dean from the School of Career and Professional ProgramsAltamonte SpringsYanni, MollyAllied Health2018-21
1x. One Associate Dean from the School of Engineering, Design and ConstructionHeathrowKnodel, CherylConstruction2018-21
1y. One Counselor recommended by the Vice President of Student AffairsSanford/Lake MaryFerguson, PatriciaCounseling2018-21
2a. The Director, Curriculum, Credentialing and Academic Scheduling (ex-officio)Sanford/Lake MaryMcNeil, CarleneCurriculum+
2b. The Director, Records and Registration/Registrar (ex-officio)Sanford/Lake MaryVacantRegistrar+
2c. The Associate Vice President, Student Affairs (ex-officio)Sanford/Lake MaryFortunato, Geoffrey Student Services+
2d. The Associate Vice President, Academic Services (ex-officio)Sanford/Lake MaryValentino, LisaAcademic Services+
2e. One Curriculum Department Representative: Coordinator, Faculty Credentials (ex-officio)Sanford/Lake MaryHawkinson, AnneCurriculum+
2f. The Manager, Academic Scheduling (ex-officio)Sanford/Lake MarySuleski, DanielCurriculum+
2g. One Representative recommended by the Director, Student Financial
Resources (ex-officio)
Sanford/Lake MaryPetrick, Joy Financial Aid2016-19
2h. One Representative recommended by the Associate Vice President,
Institutional Effectiveness and Research (ex-officio)
Sanford/Lake MaryResmann, BrittanyInstitutional Effectiveness2018-21
2i. Equity Officer or Designee (ex-officio)Sanford/Lake MaryBalanoff, JanetPresident's Office+
2j. One Student Affairs Functional Technician recommended by
the Director, Records and Registration/Registrar (ex-officio)
Sanford/Lake MaryLamas, BarbaraEnrollment Services2016-19
2k. One Representative recommended by the Associate Vice President,
Student Records and Enrollment (ex-officio)
Sanford/Lake MaryPawlowski, KenEnrollment Services2018-21
2l. One Student Recommended by SGA (ex-officio)Sanford/Lake Mary Okeke, Glory/ Green, MandisaSGA2018-19
Notes: A "+" indicates person serves on committee by position; ex-officio = non-voting member.