2021-22 Curriculum Committee Members

The Curriculum Committee is a collegewide standing committee consisting of 25 voting members and 15 ex officio (non-voting) members. Committee membership is published online.

The Curriculum Committee reports to the vice president of Academic Affairs. The director of Curriculum, Credentialing and Academic Scheduling convenes the first meeting of the academic year and is responsible for scheduling the meetings and posting agendas and minutes. The director also provides the committee reports to the vice president of Academic Affairs. The committee chair is selected by the voting faculty members on the curriculum committee during the first curriculum meeting of the academic year.

Curriculum Committee Members for 2021-22 are:

1. One Faculty Member from Faculty SenateSanford/Lake MaryKaufmann, KarenLibrary - General2021-24
2. One Faculty Member from Arts and CommunicationsSanford/Lake MaryCampbell, DiannaMusic2019-22
3. One Faculty Member from Biological SciencesSanford/Lake MaryColon, Mary
Biological Science2020-23
4. One Faculty Member from EnglishSanford/Lake Mary
Vivian, AdrienneEnglish
5. One Faculty Member from Humanities, History and Modern LanguageAltamonte Springs
Beers, KevinHumanities2121-24
6. One Faculty Member from MathematicsSanford/Lake MaryMcFarland, Judith
7. One Faculty Member from Physical ScienceSanford/Lake MaryBedlek-Anslow, JoannePhysical Sciences2021-24
8. One Faculty Member from Social ScienceSanford/Lake MaryPadilla, Rebecca
Social Sciences2020-23
9. One Faculty Member from Center for Business, Legal, and EntrepreneurshipHeathrowDafnis, Bill
Business Administration2020-23
10. One Faculty Member from the Moore Center for Health ProfessionsAltamonte SpringsVacantHealth Professions2020-23
11. One Faculty Member from the Center for Engineering and Computer TechnologySanford/Lake MaryShaban, Marwan
Computer Programming and Analysis
12. One Faculty Member from the Center for Public SafetySanford/Lake MaryDillard, Sandra
Criminal Justice
13. One Faculty Member from NursingSanford/Lake MaryJoseph, MyraNursing 2018-21
14. One Faculty Member from the Center for Adult and Workforce EducationSanford/Lake MaryTrujillo, JoshuaPlumbing2020-23
15. One Faculty Member from the Center for Construction and DesignSanford/Lake MaryDelgado, JohnNetworking2019-22
16. One Faculty Member from the Center of English Language StudiesOviedoPatterson, PamelaESOL2121-24
17. One LibrarianAltamonte SpringsSoltau, ElenaLibrary -General2021-24
18. One Dean from the School of Arts and SciencesSanford/Lake MaryCuomo, Michele
Studio Art
19. One Dean from the School of Business, Health, and Public SafetySanford/Lake MaryCalloway, RichardBusiness Administration2021-24
20. One Dean from the School of Construction, Design, Engineering, and Information TechnologiesSanford/Lake MaryHuston, JosephAdult & Workforce Education2021-24
21. One Counselor recommended by the Vice President of Student AffairsSanford/Lake MaryFerguson, PatriciaCounseling2021-24
22. The Director, Curriculum, Credentialing and Academic Scheduling (ex-officio)Sanford/Lake MaryMcNeil, CarleneCurriculum+
23. The Director, Enrollment Services/Registrar (ex-officio)Sanford/Lake MaryRodriguez Lamas, Barbara
Enrollment Services
24. The Associate Vice President, Student Affairs (ex-officio)Sanford/Lake MaryFortunato, Geoffrey Student Services+
25. Director, College Libraries (ex-officio)Sanford/Lake MaryTracy, MorganLibrary-General+
26. One Curriculum Department Representative: Coordinator, Faculty Credentials, Curriculum, and Catalog (ex-officio)Sanford/Lake MaryDavidson, SandraCurriculum+
27. The Manager, Academic Scheduling (ex-officio)Sanford/Lake MarySuleski, DanielCurriculum+
28. Director, Student Financial Resources, or designee (ex-officio)Sanford/Lake MaryPetrick, Joy Financial Aid+
29.  Associate Vice President,
Institutional Effectiveness and Research or designee (ex-officio)
Sanford/Lake MaryResmann, BrittanyInstitutional Effectiveness+
30. One representative from eLearning (ex-officio)Sanford/Lake MaryTaylor, MargareteLearning2020-23
31. Equity Officer or Designee (ex-officio)Sanford/Lake MaryBalanoff, JanetPresident's Office+
32. One Student Affairs Functional Technician recommended by
the Director, Enrollment Services/Registrar (ex-officio)
Sanford/Lake MaryTourkzi, El Mostafa
Enrollment Services2019-22
33. One  Associate Vice President,
Academic Affairs - appointed by VP (ex-officio)
Sanford/Lake MaryCicotti, CherylSchool of Business, Health, and Public Safety+
34. One Student Recommended by SGA (ex-officio)Sanford/Lake MaryCalloway, Cameron
35. One Academic Affairs Functional Specialist recommended by the Director, Curriculum, Credentialing & Academic Scheduling (ex-officio)Sanford/Lake Mary
Ocasek, PamelaCourse and Curriculum Development+
36. One representative from the Foundation - appointed by VP, Resource and Economic Development (ex-officio)HeathrowSchumacher, Laura Division of Inst Advancement+
Faculty Member from the Wharton Smith Center for ConstructionHeathrowDiehl-Shaffer, JeanneInterior Design2019-22
Faculty Member from the Center for Architecture & Interior DesignHeathrowStroud, SableInterior Design2020-23
Faculty Member from EducationSanford/Lake MaryNavarro, AshleyEducation2020-23
Dean from the School of Academic FoundationsSanford/Lake MaryElshoff, WilliamESOL2021-24
Notes: A "+" indicates a person serves on the committee by position; ex-officio = non-voting member.